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About Us

Our performance

In the past few years Warren Park Primary has continued to go from strength to strength.  From our ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted in 2010 our results across all year groups have increased markedly.  In 2013 all year groups produced their best results ever with Key Stage 2 results being particularly high. Read our ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Report 2013

DfE Compare Schools (School and College Performance Tables) shows the most recent Ofsted summaries of our end of Key Stage 1 and end of Key Stage 2 data for Warren Park Primary. You can also use this to view our performance

The inspection of October 2010 was extremely positive about the school.  Please take the time to read its findings.


Based on Key Stage 2 results for both 2013 and 2012 we know that both the attainment and progress of children at Warren Park is extremely high.  This is confirmed by the local authority on their yearly visits. ‘2012 attainment has risen significantly against national benchmarks in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  This represents a stunning and consistent improvement that has lifted the school to National Average overall attainment by the end of Key Stage 2, exceeding floor standards by a considerable margin and significantly closed the gap earlier in other year groups’.

Other outcomes

At our 2010 inspection the inspectors noted, ‘The curriculum is particularly exciting and provides pupils with memorable opportunities to extend their learning.  For example the highly effective eco-classroom gives all pupils regular opportunities to learn outdoors about their environment’.  With regard to safeguarding the inspectors noted ‘The school goes beyond national safeguarding requirements to provide the safest possible environment for the pupils’.

In addition our attendance is at an all time high.


Teaching was graded ‘good’ at the inspection, it concluded ‘Teachers have a good subject knowledge and make good use of accurate assessment of how well pupils are doing to plan appropriate, challenging work’.  Teaching is constantly monitored and this high standard has been maintained.


The curriculum is continually modified and has undergone a radical change in the last few years.  This is both an exciting curriculum with a clear emphasis on the needs of literacy and numeracy.


The report praises all elements of the school leadership.  ‘The Headteacher is very highly regarded by the pupils, the parents and carers, the staff and the community.  Together with the strong leadership team he has brought together, he has ensured there has been a relentless pursuit of improvement since the last inspection’.  This has continued and is reflected by the continued progress the school is making’.

Areas to develop

As stated the 2010 Inspection was very positive however it did say, ‘We know that your Headteacher is determined to carry on making the school even better.  We have asked the school to improve one thing, ‘Help you to understand more about what people from different cultures believe and about their lifestyles, by giving you the chance to interact with them’.

Parents and carers views

The views of the parents and carers at the last inspection was overwhelmingly positive.  We receive few if any complaints and have a policy of always being responsive to the views and needs of all parents.  Visit Parent View if you would like to post your views of Warren Park Primary School.

Pupil Premium

Expenditure Impact Statement 16/17


Pupil Premium funding is provided by the Government to address the underlying inequalities between those children identified as disadvantaged and those who are not. It is recognised that securing high levels of attainment and good rates of progress is the best way of steering our pupils towards a future free of deprivation. Warren Park has decided to dedicate a significant proportion of its pupil premium allocation directly into ensuring all pupils receive high quality teaching and learning. However, we also recognise that attendance, behaviour, emotional well-being, home life are significant barriers to learning and that those children and their families may require additional support to overcome those barriers. Therefore some of our Pupil Premium resource is spent on providing support in those areas. By spending money in these areas has supported the impact that by the end of Key Stage 2 the gap between Pupil Premium children and Non-pupil premium has narrowed.

The spending of the money falls into three main areas:

1. Academic

By having additional teaching staff has meant that children have been able to access both pre and post additional sessions as well as being taught in smaller groups. This has ensured that the gap between PP children and non PP children is relatively small by the end of KS 2

The cost of this areas has been in providing additional teaching staff in each year group, plus employing a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) 2 days a week.

Combined Reading, Writing and Maths data 2016

School National
All children 67% 53%
Pupil Premium children 67% 60%

When the separate subjects are compared it is only in writing that Pupil Premium children don’t do as well and the gap is only 1%.

KS2 Writing

School National
All children 74% 74%
Pupil Premium children 73% 59%

Cost: £200,000

2. Providing a “Can do attitude”

“If children’s emotional needs are meet then they can focus on academic needs” – John Hattie’s research.

To support children’s emotional needs:

  • All classes have fortnightly PHSE lesson.
  • The school has employed 2 ELSAs and are training a third one.
  • The school subsidies school both day and residential trips.
  • Plus all of KS1 children were able to go to the theatre.

Cost: £37,890

3. Supporting home life

The school supports home life by:

  • Parents feel supported with dealing with their children’s behaviour outside of school
  • Children start school having had a breakfast
  • Increased attendance rates for individual children

The school have employed a full time Home School Link Worker and provides a free breakfast club.

Cost: £40,000

The school spends the money to enhance the educational provision for those children that are entitled to it. The money we spend is more than we are given but the governors have agreed to spend the extra money to provide these extra areas of support for our pupils. The figures shown are only the costing under PP funding and are not the fully amount necessary to provide these support.


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