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British Values

What are British values?

According to Ofsted, British values are:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

At Warren Park we use Warren and his monkey friends to highlight these Values


Laurence is the social monkey who loves to listen to others.

Laurence loves seeing people working together, where they listen to what everyone has to say and care for one another.  He is fair and aware that everyone’s views are important.

His value is Democracy incorporating Fairness, Compassion and Awareness

What he is looking out for:

Social – children listening to others, and making sure that they are working together.

Listening to what everyone has to say, making sure that they respect everyone’s view point and the rules of the school.

Able to solve conflict effectively

Tolerating- making sure we accept one other.


Theodore is the understanding monkey.

He thinks first where he knows it is his responsibility to make sure everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. He works with Warren to make sure that everyone knows how to make the right choices and the consequences of making the wrong choice both inside and outside of school.

His value is Rule of the Law incorporating Understanding, Responsibility and Accountability.

What he is looking out for:

Moral and responsible – are children acting carefully and making the right moral choice?

Are they thinking first to make the right choices?

Do they know the difference between right and wrong and makes sure that we are doing this throughout and that we are listening to Warrens Law (school class rules)?

Do the children understand consequences of behaviour and their actions?


Lavinia loves seeing people working and learning together.

Lavinia loves to be different and knows that everyone is special. She is a great friend and always wants to listen to others. She is courageous and happy to try new things. Warren Park is her family and she brings everyone together to celebrate.

Her value is Equality incorporating Collaborate, Unity and Courage.

What she is looking out for:

Community – are children learning how to be a good citizen?

She wants everyone to work together, inside and outside of school.

Lavinia wants people to celebrate that everyone is different and wants to bring everyone together as one big family.

Are children; being good friends, showing initiative, making the right choices, listening to the view Points of others?


Esther is the determined monkey.

She loves to have a go and create her own ideas in imaginative ways. She never gives up and always embraces a challenge. Her best friend is Lavinia and together they always want what is best for everyone.

Her value is Liberty incorporating Spirit, Perseverance and Determination.

What she is looking out for:


Are children;

Imaginative & creative

Confident to have a go

Accepting- letting everyone join in – it’s our right to have fun and enjoy.



Warren is the Grand Overseer

He has respect, confidence, love and warmth.

He oversees the

  • School council / school magazine
  • School Rules
  • Sharing assembly
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