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Our Activities

Anti-bullying week – For the Birds

This year we used Pixar’s animated short “For the birds” to discuss and promote the importance of speaking out about bullying and celebrating everyone being different. As part of raising awareness we held our very own Odd Sock Day where we were “all different but all equal”. The children also learnt a new song “Unique” by Andy and the Odd Socks

The children also created their very own cartoon strips to make others aware of different ways to deal with bullying and how it is unacceptable.

Freedom Quilts

Reflecting back on our Black History Month learning from earlier in the term. The children learnt about how slaves tried to free themselves by discovering the secret of the unground railroad patchwork quilts. After planning and designing their own secret codes, the children created their own patchwork codes which were put together to make their class own freedom quilt.

Black History Month

As November was Black History Month, the children researched and found out about influential figures in history who have helped shape how our society is today. This led to a lot of discussion about equality and human rights and how learning about the past can help shape our future.

Pillow Case Project

Following the devastating storms of Hurricanes “Irma” and “Maria”, the children took part in the British Red Cross’s “Pillowcase project” and learnt about the great work the British Red Cross do to help people all over the world who are in crisis and what they would do to help keep themselves safe if they were ever near a natural disaster.

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