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Outdoor Classroom

What We Do In the Boulter Building

The Outside Classroom is a facility for all of the children and staff at Warren Park Primary School. We provide an outside curriculum that supports their main stream learning. Also we maintain and develop the grounds for educational use for the rest of the school to use.

We have a year plan which dictates what we intend to cover; this is subject to change if weather or seasons are inclement. Our curriculum is broken into blocks which we teach over a two week cycle. Every class visits us on a fortnightly basis so all children, throughout the school, will have had a similar outside experience.

Our Educational Ethos

The outside classroom team work together to provide a different and enriched environment to learn in as well as a supporting children’s knowledge of the world and how they learn. We encourage children’s inquisitiveness and use this to embed confidence in discovering and learning independently.

Although we teach over 400 children we strive to:

•Educate and provide opportunities for every child to achieve their potential.

•Value each child as an individual and celebrate their achievements.

•Equip every child to face a changing future with confidence;

•Co-operate with all elements of the surrounding community.

•Ensure children are safe and protected.

Our environment, curriculum and teaching strategies support our learning ethos which is:

• To create time for the children to observe, listen, discuss, plan, enquire, invent and construct

• To use a wide range of resources to solve problems including; reading, computers and other technology.

• To study the local and wider environment and understand times and places beyond their experience to gain an inclusive knowledge of the world.

•To help children to communicate and express ideas and feelings in speech and writing, drama, art and music.

• To care for each other and to understand the important and the duty they have to care for their environment.

As well as all of the above we hope that your children will have great fun learning with us. The whole team consider it a great privilege to share in your children’s learning journey


We provide the children with welly boots, waterproof trousers and waterproof jackets when needed. Children are always prompted to put the correct clothes on for the weather or activity although they sometimes choose to take them off a soon as they get a chance. We have sun cream and sun hats too which are used in hot weather; we use Nivea sun cream and parents should inform the school office if they do not wish us to use it on their children.


Our timetables are provisional, changes may be made due to inclement weather, seasonal delays and changes to whole school timetables.

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