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Cactus Cave Men

What a fantastic day. We have had so much wildlife activity this morning: Two deer, two foxes, long tailed tits, squirrels, two greater spotted woodpeckers and more. Of course, when we turned Year R into cave men we may have scared a few animals off.

Cactus class made very good cave people and were fantastic at keeping themselves safe. They were so sensible around the fire and they were very good cooks too. We have once again feasted on Neolithic delights, I’ll be sad to return to the twenty first century next week.

Alligators Eat Like Cave Men

We have all had a very successful day, in which I mean, we have managed to make some tasty treats. We made bread which we ate with apple butter and apple and rosehip jelly. It was scrumptious. We also had some sweet chestnuts and they were delicious. Well done to both classes today it was fun trying to cook like a cave man. I want to cook a Sabre Tooth Tiger tomorrow (I wonder if you can get them in sausage form?).


Cave Boys and Girls Go WIld

Well what an afternoon! I was a little worried about four year olds and fire, and they proved me wrong. Snapdragons made fantastic cave people; they collected firewood, made tools and foraged for food. We didn’t manage to eat anything yet but we hope to get something edible over the next few days. I hope that we have more luck with the cooking tomorrow.

Smelly Cave Men

Hello lovely parent and guardians, just to let you know that we will be having bonfires next week so your children will be a bit whiffy. We are looking at Neolithic man and how he survived so a few pongy, smoky children is for a good cause. I am hoping they will be really excited and tell you all about it next week…they might even give you a few Neolithic cooking tips. Thank you for your support.

Robins Go Nuts

Guppie Class and I have had a brilliant morning setting up food stations for the birds. We have seen lots of Robins and one particular bird has been hanging out with us all morning watching us put out lots of food. Mr H almost got him onto his hand but we are a noisy bunch. We are surprise at how brave the Robin was. I have had such a great time with them and the birds think there ace too.