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We Are Brilliant!!!

Well, if you don’t blow your own trumpet who will? Outside we have been making some brilliant things. The lovely Puffins made the most amazing table decorations for the Christmas dinner this Friday. They really do look beautiful and will cheer everybody up when they see them.

The funny and fabulous Bumblebees have been making some crazy Christmas goodies too. We’ve made some winter wonderland ornaments, Christmas cards and have been drawing pictures of snowmen and snowwomen and snowbabies.

Baboons Have Hidden Talents

Another good day making our light shine bright. Cheering ourselves for the Christmas season, we have unveiled some interesting talents. One of the Baboons has a particular talent for making turkeys and frogs from a tea towels; who would have known? We have also started to make a batch of some fabulous mincemeat which will be on sale at the Christmas Fayre.



We really do love this time of year, especially doing the Christmas Team day. I am in Theodore and we have spent the day making ‘Grow Your Own Crackers’ which are stuffed with all the things you need to grow your own veg. We have also, for the bird lovers, made some bird feed crackers which are filled with a treat for our feathered friends. All of these items are available to buy at the Christmas Fayre next week (18th December). Check out the gallery to see some pictures (I haven’t mastered the selfie yet so Mrs Coleman had to help).

Hoot Hoot and Hopity Hop

We’ve been looking a what makes our light shine bright. For the Owls it was camouflage, dens, a lot of running and yelling, more running, a bit of corsage making and a very unique toilet. I wouldn’t recommend eating in any of the dens as their make shift toilet also doubled as a cooking pot (please note that no real toilet use or cooking took place) – isn’t the imagination a wonderful thing?

The wonderful Grasshoppers had much fun making their lights bright with clay decorations, bug finding, fox sneaking, deer spotting, bird feeding and some lovely decorations. I really, really love my job.

Let You Light Shine

It is a busy time for everyone and we all slalom towards the holidays at great speed. It is important to remember that all over the world there are festivals celebrating light in the midst of the dark winter season. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the lights and what it means to us. Together we will look at the light inside of us all and how to make sure it stays bright. Happiness brings us a brighter light so we must learn how to take care of it and make it shine.