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Squirrel Playzone

You have all done a brilliant job at building a squirrels assault course. The squirrels have had great fun exploring all the different obstacles that you’ve made. Mrs Jeal has some great photos of them playing and we’re doing our best to get some video footage.
The bird listening has gone well and I’m thrilled at the variety of birds we’ve seen. Lots of fiches and tits as well as an abundance of crows.

Wet, wet, wet.

What a horrible day it has been. The whole team would have been really gloomy had it not been for the lovely Puffins and Bumblebees. Both classes did an amazing job today despite the weather. We have been creating some Squirrel Play Zones and recording the birds, using our eyes and ears.

It really is amazing how many different birds you can hear. Give it a go in your own green spaces. Just close your eyes and listen.

Welcome Back

I cannot believe it has been a week already. Welcome back everyone and I hope you all had a good break. We are approaching the middle of winter now even though it doesn’t feel that cold. There is plenty to see outside and you will have a much better chance of spotting birds because of the lack of foliage. Remember to let me know if you’ve seen anything interesting.  We have seen a pair of beautiful Bullfinches in the grounds.

We are looking at mammals at the moment so anything interesting or any question just come and see the OC gang.