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Sound Again…I think That’s An Echo

My ears are ringing already! We are tackling sound and music again this week so any of you that missed out will get a chance to do it this week. I love music so much and can’t imagine a world were music wasn’t important. We’ve just had Monday assembly and it is the only time I get to sing with other people which made me think; what other times do I sing? When do you all sing or make music?

Stone Age Is SOOO last year

We are tackling history again and this time we have zoomed forward to the next big technical era…the Bronze Age. Are main focus is to look at how settlers to Britain brought with them new skills and ideas. Last week some of you were really good at picking up new skills and passing them onto others (I think you would make fab teachers).

If you’re over with us don’t forget to look at the nesting blue tit and her babies. They are very cute even with no feathers.


Hello, we’re back! Sorry about the radio silence. We have had a tech overhaul and I have managed to lock myself out of the web on four separate occasions. So much has happened since I last blogged. My favourite thing we have been doing since I’ve been on radio silence is…POO! Yes, we have been looking at why and how we poo and even had a go at being a human digestive system. Many of you have gone home talking about poo and we have had lots of interesting questions about poo. If you have time please look at the active gallery as it has lots of photos of you playing with poo (the stuff we made not the yucky brown stuff).