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Beautiful Bugs

Well done to all the groups so far. We have found some wonderful bugs outside, ranging from ants to beetles. You have all been very good at spotting the different insects that live outside and helping us to identify them. A big thanks to everyone for all your hard work building the bug hotels, it looks fantastic. Bugs we’ve found: Solider Beetle, Wasp Beetle, Painted Lady (Butterfly), Common Blue (Butterfly), Squash Beetles, Greenfly, Black Bee, Honey Bee, Bumble Bee, Hornet and much more.

Homes For Grabs

We have been very good this week at providing some mini beasts and gnomes with some fabulous homes. Many of you have helped me to build a bug hotel which soon became a bug resort. Our new resort is located on the top of the volcano; we hope this area will be bug haven so I am asking you all to take good care of it and help us to keep all the creatures in the outside classroom safe.
I was pleased to be joined by Year 4 this Friday for a practical Big Write. We have made some other accommodation for a couple of gnomes which they will be writing about this week.

Legs and Toes – A Shout Out To Parents

Because of the nice weather, many of you are wearing shorts, skirts and open shoes to school. When you are with us, If you could remember to wear closed shoes and something on your legs that would be fabulous. If you come over this time of year with your legs and toes out we have to put you in wellies and waterproof trousers to protect you from the nettles and the bugs. Show your legs and toes of any other time but on OC days please remember to cover up.