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Aims and Ethos

At Warren Park Primary School we aim to:

  • Educate and provide opportunities for every child to achieve their potential;
  • Provide a stimulating and caring environment;
  • Value each child as an individual and celebrate their achievements;
  • Equip every child to face a changing future with confidence;
  • Co-operate with all elements of the surrounding community;
  • Ensure children are safe and protected.

At Warren Park we guarantee to:

  • Involve you as parents with all aspects of your child’s school life;
  • Inform you on a termly basis, through a Pupil Profile, of your child’s development and report against all subjects once a year in the Spring Term, with a supplementary report in the Summer Term;
  • Test your children regularly in Language and Mathematics to ensure the Curriculum provided in these important subjects is the appropriate one;
  • Provide quality ‘academic support’ and ‘wellbeing’ provision if your child is in need of it, and inform you of progress made;
  • Hear every child read daily;
  • Be firm, fair and consistent in all aspects of behaviour and to inform you if any problems arise;
  • Provide a clean, well looked after, safe environment whereby your child can feel secure and develop all aspects of his/her personality appropriately;
  • Provide activities to cultivate your child’s interests and hobbies;
  • Provide trips for all year groups including residential trips in Years 5 and 6.


At Warren Park we believe we develop a strong ethos in children

We believe the following:

Your child will learn to:

  • Observe, listen, discuss, plan, enquire, invent and construct;
  • Read with enjoyment and understanding;
  • Solve problems;
  • Calculate;
  • Understand mathematical concepts;
  • Make music;
  • Collect and organise information;
  • Study the local and wider environment and understand times and places beyond their experience;
  • Work with computers and calculators;
  • Communicate and express ideas and feelings in speech and writing, drama, art and music;
  • Be aware of Christianity and other major world religions.

And will be encouraged to:

  • Appreciate literature, art and music;
  • Have a critical awareness of the media;
  • Be questioning and discriminating;
  • Develop any special talents;
  • Work co-operatively;
  • Care for the environment;
  • Care for others;
  • Concentrate and persevere;
  • Be reflective;
  • Be self reliant and self confident;
  • Make their best possible effort.