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Special Needs Local Offer

The kinds of Special Educational Needs for which provision is made at Warren Park Primary School

Warren Park Primary is a mainstream school, catering for children between the ages of 4 to 11.

How we know if the children require extra help and what parents can do if they think their child has special needs.

All children are assessed and monitored from the time they join the school. This covers the whole curriculum as well as behaviour and social needs. This monitoring includes both formal and informal assessments. Regular meetings between the teachers, year leaders and inclusion managers will decide if a child requires additional support to complement the quality of teaching in the classroom.
Children will be highlighted as needing extra support if:-
• They are not reaching their expected level of achievement.
• The child has raised their own concerns.
• There is a noticeable change in either attitude or behaviour.
• Concerns have been raised by other professionals and adults in the school.
• External agencies raise their concerns.
More details of this are available in the school SEN policy.

How will both the school and parent/carers know how each child is doing and how will their learning be supported?

At Warren Park first and foremost we work to ensure all children reach their potential. We attempt to do this firstly with quality teaching in every classroom. We have ability groups to ensure we are teaching at the appropriate level. If an individual requires additional support both the Inclusion Manager and Year Leader will establish how this is best provided. This may be through a smaller group, 1 to 1 provision or via the Wellbeing team or from external agencies. Each child will have a provision map established for them, mapping out needs and support.
Every term parents / carers meetings will be held to discuss the child’s progress. If appropriate and necessary these meetings may increase. At any time a meeting can be called with any part of the support team.
Parents support is crucial either through their homework, listening to them read etc.
Children will be continually tracked and all children’s data will be analysed and fed back to the governors. This will inform how school resources are appropriately allocated.
At Warren Park we will always treat all children as individuals and therefore continually engage with them, assess their needs and therefore we ensure the support provided is appropriate. When this involves outside agencies we will liaise with them and respond to their suggestions.
All children will be taught in a variety of settings to ensure we establish the best learning environment for each child.
At Warren Park we believe the child’s whole education is crucial and that the child’s wellbeing is paramount. Each child receives a fortnightly personal, social, emotional and health programme. This is delivered by our dedicated P.S.H.E team. Part of this provision is also the Outside Classroom and the wellbeing team which has trained individuals able to support all children’s needs. Children are either in groups, 1 to 1 or at lunch clubs. Our office staff will always be available to administer medicine, if appropriate.

What training is provided for all staff who support children with Special Needs?

We have a very experienced staff at Warren Park in Special Needs. The SENCO and Inclusion Manager is at present completing her National Award in Special Needs. We also have a Speech and Language Teacher. In our support team we have two qualified ELSA’s and three Higher Level Learning Assistants. Our Home School Link Worker is both experienced and well trained. Every staff member is trained to ensure interventions are appropriately delivered. External agencies are also highly trained.

How accessible is your education setting (both indoors and outdoors)?

Warren Park is a large school on a very large site. The inside has many levels and we have steps all over the school. This does make accessibility difficult in the school. The outside is on a slope and all areas have some gradient issue.

How are parents / carers / young people currently involved in your education setting?

We have a very active school council at Warren Park, this feeds into all aspects of school life. We are a very open school and parents are always welcome to work in school or support us.

How can I get involved and who can I contact for further information?

We are a very open school and parents are always welcome to work in school or support us. Please contact the school office for further information.

What steps should I take if I have a concern about the school’s SEN provision?

We pride ourselves at Warren Park that all children are happy and that we meet their needs. If you have any concerns raise it first with the child’s class teacher. The Inclusion Manager, Senior Staff are then available if you still have not resolved the issue. Ultimately the governing body can be contacted through the school office.

How will Warren park school prepare my child to join secondary school?

Warren Park has a robust package in place for school transition. This of course does depend on the school the child is moving to. We meet with all schools to share information and pass any relevant paperwork. We involve parents in this transition process if appropriate.

Where can I get further information about services available for my child?

Contact either the school or via the Hampshire County Council Website.