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Our Values

How Warren and Friends embrace our Values

At Warren Park, we have a team of monkeys who are always on the lookout. They help us all with our school values to ‘Listen, Think, Learn and Enjoy. When it comes to British Values, each monkey has a key role to play to make sure that our school embraces a heritage of generations.

At the heart of British Values are the following elements:

Why not read our monkeys stories to find out how they help us embrace all our values.


Warren is the Grand Overseer

Warren is the father figure at Warren Park. It is his job to oversee all the staff, children and make sure that everything we stand for is achieved. Warren represents our school and he reminds us to work and support each other with respect, confidence, love and warmth.

Warren embraces his role with great pride and care. Warren helps to oversee our school council and school magazine and he often makes regular appearances in assemblies. He helped the children create a ‘manifesto’ which then became our school and classroom rules.

Warren often spends his time in Mrs Cooper’s office, where he gets to see an awful lot. Luckily this gives him the opportunity to remind children of the school rules and reward them in assembly when he sees some truly amazing things.


Laurence – Democracy.

Laurence is in charge of democracy, where he embraces fairness, compassion and awareness. His mission is clear. When he is out and about in the school, he is always checking to make sure that we are ‘Listening’ to others, and that we are working together. He believes that it is really important that everyone’s voice is heard. This includes making sure that the children listen to the teachers, helping them to learn and move forward with their next steps. He also checks that the teachers are listening carefully to all the children in the school, giving them every opportunity to achieve their best. Let’s not forget though, that Laurence wants to make sure that the children are listening to each other.

When walking around the school, Laurence is always checking to see our values in action. These are embraced throughout our school.

  • Our dedicated PSHE sessions help promote social skills at Warren Park, children are taught to listen to others, and make sure that they are working together to achieve.
  • Listening to what everyone has to say is an important part of our School Councils responsibility. It is the job of our elected school council members to make sure that they listen and respect everyone’s viewpoint and bring these back together to develop the rules of the school.
  • Within PSHE, children are able to work together to agree class rules for the year.
  • Laurence undertakes school children surveys in order to gain their views and opinions on a range school topics.
  • Throughout the school, Laurence was there to lend a hand to teach the children all about the work of the British Government.
  • He helps to solve conflict commendably
  • He helps us learn about tolerance- making sure we accept one other.
  • Laurence loves ICT, so there are plenty of laptops and iPads to help along the way.


Theodore – Rule of Law

Theodore is in charge of Rule of Law, where his mission is to ensure understanding, responsibility and accountability.

When Theodore is on patrol, he wants to make sure that everyone thinks responsibly first before they act. Therefore he ensures that the children are taught the skills to make the right choices. He believes it is always important that the children understand the difference between right and wrong and he’s always on the lookout to see that the children are doing this throughout the school and their community. Theodore understands that everyone can make the wrong choice at times but it is important that everyone is accountable for their actions and that these may have consequences.

When patrolling our school community, Theodore is on the lookout for:

  • Moral and responsible values. He helps the children to act carefully and understand how to make the right choices
  • Children being responsible for their own learning and to do this, understanding our school and class rules will help them to become great learners.
  • Theodore is firm but fair, so making sure that everyone is accountable for their choices is really important to him. In PSHE, he has been known to act as a judge in classroom courts. Theodore understands that sometimes people can make the wrong choices but these may have consequences.
  • Theodore takes Health and Safety very seriously, so he is always checking to make sure that we are all safe, both inside and out and around school. Keep an eye out for him in the Boulter Building with his muddy boots.
  • In Warren Park, Theodore takes charge of our behaviour policy, where children know and understand how the zone board works.
  • Good behaviour is recognised and celebrated in assemblies, where children get to earn a ‘cheeky Charlie’ toy.

Theodore is always happy to greet the Fire service, Police & PCSOs and St John’s Paramedics when they come to pay a visit.



Lavinia – Equality

Lavinia stands for ‘Learning’ together. Lavinia embraces equality, where she knows each and every one of us holds something truly special. Lavinia is our in house cheeky monkey but at heart, she is a great friend to all. She is courageous, thrives on challenges and always wants to try new things. Warren Park is her family, so mutual respect and unity is something that she holds very dear.


In and about the school, Lavinia works with her friends to find her values in practice.

  • Learning is important to her, but learning doesn’t just mean heads in books, she loves taking work and projects home too.
  • She wants everyone to learn together, inside and outside of school, so obviously, the Boulter Building is one of her favourite places to be.
  • Lavinia loves being special and finding out all the special qualities of our children is something that she takes pride in.
  • Lavinia, isn’t just a monkey, she’s a friend to one and all, with her best friend, Esther. This means it’s really important to take on everyone’s points of view.
  • Lavinia has courage to have a go and she wants us all to try our best in all we do.
  • In PSHE, Lavinia encourages children to openly discuss and question current affairs and issues in a safe environment.


Esther – Liberty

Esther enjoys life and is full of spirit, where resilience is at her heart. Esther knows and understands that not everything is easy but nothing stops her from persevering. Esther, like the rest of us, isn’t free from making mistakes, but if there is one thing that she loves, it is learning from them. With her friends by her side, Esther thrives on liberty and freedom to explore learning in many different ways.


Esther is everywhere in Warren Park and she’s the foundation of everything that we hold true.

  • Esther makes sure that we are all accepting and respectful to others, where she always wants to explore different views and beliefs.
  • Esther ‘Enjoys’ letting everyone join in and having fun along the way always makes her smile.
  • Esther encourages confidence to take risks and be imaginative and creative.
  • Esther loves working outdoors but especially in P.E. The great thing is, she really doesn’t mind coming first or last, she just loves taking part.
  • At Warren Park, Esther is very proud to offer children amazing opportunities, where children are able to go on a variety of trips, including a Christmas panto or show. Not only that, she has been able to send the children off to the cinema. Year 5 have the amazing opportunity to go to Stubbington, whilst year 6 spend their residential trip in Calshot.
  • At Warren Park, Esther likes to raise awareness for many different charities, which are often promoted by the children.
  • Esther never misses an opportunity for fun, so is always happy to organise the many collaborative activities that we do as a school.

Team Days play a massive part at Warren Park and are always filled with love, fun and laughter – she loves to get all the monkeys, staff and children involved.