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Special Needs

Special Educational Needs and Disability

At Warren Park Primary School we are committed to offering an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum to all our pupils and this should ensure the best possible progress for all children regardless of the needs or abilities.
Our SENCo is Mrs Lynne Lofting.

Warren Park accesses support in accordance with the Hampshire Local Offer for SEND.

SEND Policy 2021

SEND Information Report

This SEND information report was developed following the legislative requirements of the SEND Code of Practice: 0 – 25 years and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations.


What is our vision for pupils with SEND?

Warren Park is a large mainstream primary school within the Leigh Park estate with 420 pupils. As a school we are fully committed to providing each and every child with a broad and balanced curriculum that meets their needs and ensures that children are happy, healthy, safe and confident. We provide quality first teaching for all children and aim to remove barriers to learning that ensure that every child can enjoy and fully participate in all aspects of school life.

How are pupils with Special Educational Needs identified?

The SEND Code of Practice defines Special Educational Needs as pupils who have learning needs which require provision that is different from or additional to what is normally available to pupils of the same age. As a school we are constantly assessing children and the progress they are making. If we notice a child is consistently making slower progress than expected we will offer additional support within the classroom and carry out further assessments to identify areas where they may need support. A child may have specific needs within one of four key areas:

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional, mental health and behaviour
  • Sensory and/or physical

A child may be placed on the school SEN register if they are identified as having difficulties in one or more of these areas and if they need additional support.

How are pupils with Special Educational Needs supported?

All children are different and have different needs. At Warren Park children will receive support which matches their needs following the assess, plan, do and review cycle. All children will have high quality teaching in the classroom from class teachers and some children will receive additional support in the classroom from learning support assistants and additional teaching staff. Depending on the area of special need some children will receive support from our school commissioned speech and language therapist or from our wellbeing team. Progress and provision is reviewed continually on an informal basis and more formally once a term. We work with other agencies to support teaching and learning or to provide more specialist support. Some children may have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) if needs are exceptional, more complex or long term.
At Warren Park we know that all teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs and all our staff are highly trained in meeting a wide variety of needs within the classroom. We use SEND and Pupil Premium funding to support children with additional needs through extra adults both in and out of the classroom or to provide specific resources children may need.

How is progress for pupils with Special Educational Needs reviewed?

The progress of children with SEND is monitored regularly by class teachers, the Inclusion Leader and Senior Leaders. Regular Pupil Progress Meetings are held to discuss progress and to set new targets for children. Children following a specific programme for English or Maths, for example, will be assessed at the end of the programme and reviewed to set new targets or begin a new programme.
We use a range of assessments and ‘tests’ to track progress and use these to support the review process.

How are parents supported and informed on how they can help support children?

Warren Park recognises the importance of regular communication with parents and we value a strong home/school partnership. We have an open door policy and class teachers are generally available before and after school each day for informal discussions about children’s progress and the support they are receiving. Class teachers will be able to let parents know how they can help children at home.
Parents will receive annual reports on the progress of their children and are invited to parent’s evenings during the year to discussion progress and additional support.
The Inclusion leader and Home School Link worker are also available for more formal meetings about children with specific areas of need.
Children with SEND may have an Individual Provision Plan that includes their specific needs and targets which will be shared with parents.

How are children with Special Educational Needs involved in their education?

All children are involved in target setting and identifying their next steps in learning within the classroom with the support of classroom staff. They are able to explain these next steps and how it will improve their learning. This is particularly important for SEND children and we will discuss their targets with them and listen to their feedback.

How are Governors involved and what are their responsibilities?

Governors receive regular reports about the progress of children with SEND and there is a named governor responsible for SEND who meets regularly with the Inclusion leader.

What specialist services are available to support SEND children?

Warren Park accesses support in accordance with the Hampshire Local Offer for SEND.

Some of the agencies we work with include:

  • Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • School nursing service
  • Specialist teachers advisors for hearing/visually impaired
  • Social Care
  • Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub
  • Down Syndrome Association

How will children with Special Educational Needs be included in activities outside of school, including trips?

All children are included in all parts of the school curriculum, including our own outdoor classroom, and we will provide the necessary support to ensure that all children can be successful. A risk assessment is always carried out before any activity and will include specific support for children with SEN.

How accessible is Warren Park School?

The majority of the school building and playground is accessible for all children and we have a flexible and open-minded approach and are committed to making our school environment as accessible as possible. Please see our accessibility plan for more information.

How are children with Special Educational Needs supported to transfer to another school?

We recognise that moving on can be difficult for children with SEND and take steps to ensure that transition is smooth. We liaise with all local schools and plan any transition carefully by contacting the new school and passing on all relevant information for children. Visits to new schools may be planned with parents to help children become familiar with their new setting.
When moving classes in school all information will be passed on to the new teachers during the summer term and children will have opportunities to visit their new classes before September.
For children starting in Year R we liaise closely with pre-schools, carry out home visits and invite children and their families to transition sessions during the summer term.

Who should I contact for more information about Special Educational Needs?

Class teachers are the first port of call for information about children. The Inclusion Leader is Mrs Lynne Lofting and our Home School Link Worker is Mrs Jane Taylor and appointments can be made to see them through the school office.

What do I do if there is a problem?

If a parent/carer has any concerns about issues to do with Special Educational Needs they should in the first instance speak to their child’s class teacher and then the Inclusion Leader
who will be able to allay any concerns and address issues that children may be having.
If parents/ carers feel that the issues have not been addressed to their satisfaction they should then contact the Head or Deputy to arrange a meeting. If after a period of time there are still concerns then parents should contact the Chair of Governors. Complaint procedures can be found in the policy section on our website.