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Information for Visitors

Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to show this commitment.



Hours of the Day
8.55                                         School begins

10.30 – 10.45                          Playtime and coffee break

12.00                                       Lunchtime starts for Infants

12.15                                       Lunchtime starts for Juniors

1.00                                         Afternoon session begins

3.15                                         School ends

Signing In and Out

Please sign in at the office and wear a visitors badge for fire and security reasons.  When you leave please sign out.


Smoking is not permitted within the school building or surrounding grounds.

Health and Safety

The school ensures that every reasonable step is taken to prevent injury/ill health to personnel by protecting individuals from hazards at work.  This includes children, students, staff and visitors to the school.  We would ask that you comply with safety procedures, whether written or brought to your attention by other means for your own protection, protection of those under your supervision and others who may be affected by your actions.  If you notice any hazards around the school during your visit, please report them to the school office immediately.

Mobile phones

Please do not use mobile phones with recording or photographic devices on the school premises for anything other than making and receiving calls.  Mobile phones should be switched off and not used whilst in the presence of children.

Disabled Visitors

If you are disabled and feel that you may require assistance during an evacuation of the building, please let the office staff know when you are signing in.  Arrangements can be made to assist with your evacuation.


While you are in school you need to be aware that anything you may see or hear to do with the school, its children or staff remains confidential.  This includes referencing the school, children or staff on any social networking site.  If you have any concerns please address them with the Headteacher (Mrs Cooper), the Deputy (Mrs Lofting) or the HSLW Mrs Taylor.


The safeguarding of our children is of paramount importance. If you have any concerns about safeguarding issues please talk to one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) Mrs Lofting, the Deputy Head, the Headteacher Mrs Cooper, Mrs Taylor (HSLW) or Mr Wood.  If a pupil talks to you or discloses a safeguarding issue, please contact a DSL and record, sign and date the conversation verbatim.  The school’s full safeguarding policy and procedures are available in the PPA room and on the school website.  All school staff regularly undertake safeguarding training.

Children’s behaviour

Our children should behave politely and follow our rules at all times.  Our children are taught to respect all adults and do as they are told the first time.  If you have any concerns about behaviour please talk to the Headteacher or Deputy.


If the Fire Alarm sounds, all children, staff and visitors should immediately leave the building by the nearest fire exit.  Everyone should assemble on the bottom playground where the school staff will make the necessary headcounts.

On discovering a fire: please sound the fire alarm by breaking the glass at the closest call point and then evacuate the building by the nearest fire exit and proceed to the bottom playground.

No-one may re-enter the building once the alarm sounds until the all clear is given.

First Aid

The lead first aider is Mrs Michelle Copping who works in the school office.  There are over 20 staff throughout the school who are trained in emergency first aid at work.

 Useful  Information

Chair of Governors: Helen Fisk
Headteacher: Elizabeth Cooper
Deputy Headteacher: Lynne Lofting
School Business Manager: Anna Evans
School Administrators: Chris Hooker
Michelle Copping
School Catering Manager: Juliette Wood
Deputy Catering Manager: Nicola Coleman
Site Manager: Sue Newman
Caretakers: Elalia Ankouri
Richard Marsh (Maintenance)
Lead First Aider: Michelle Copping (Office)
Contacts for Health and Safety: Laura Dawkins
Anna Evans
Covid 19 H&S advice Jo Tester

Visitors Booklet