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Stars of the Week

We are very proud of our childrens’ positive learning attitudes, the way they behave and show our Warren Park monkey values.

Every week children are chosen to be star of the week and presented with a certificate and badge/reward during Monday morning assembly.

Children are chosen by staff across the school, particularly if they are demonstrating the values linked to our weekly theme.

British Values Theme: Courage

Monkey: Lavinia

Child’s Name


Yr R Cactus

Evie-May Adams For being super brave when she fell over in the playground. Well done Evie-May

Yr R Snapdragons

Ellis Simpson For being very brave when being poorly. Well done.

Yr 1 Willows

Ronnie Kenyon He is a fountain of knowledge and a Victoria genius! Just an absolute superstar!

Yr 1 Monkey Trees

Jaxson Squires For being brave and speaking up on our trip about his fantastic Victorian knowledge.

Yr 2 Bumblebees

Lilly-Rose Redding For always trying her best and never giving up.

Yr 2 Grasshoppers

Caitlynn Warner For a fantastic attitude to learning in every lesson. Well done.

Yr 3 Crocodiles

Fraiser Rich For an excellent attitude to learning. Always keen to learn and a pleasure to have in the year group.

Yr 3 Alligators

Savannah Gomm Always ready, always on task, always polite and always smiling. AMAZING!

Yr 4 Mackerels

Paris-Louise Birch For having the courage to always have a go no matter how tricky something is.

Yr 4 Guppies

Leon Vella For having a superb attitude to learning, particularly in maths and for never giving up. Keep it up!

Yr 5 Puffins

Amelia Heely Amelia always wears a smile on her face. She is hard working and conscientious and also an expert at fixing art aprons!

Yr 5 Owls

Riley Hale For being brave when trying tricky challenges in lessons. Keep it up!

Yr 6 Baboons

Cody Brown-Courtney Making the most of every minute.

Yr 6 Dolphins

Evie Jennings For having a fantastic week and making us laugh.

Y6 Baboons Calshot

Grace Mariner Being absolutely lovely all week.

Y6 Dolphins Calshot

Cayden Grantham For being amazing all week.

Cosmic Curriculum

Special Award