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Stars of the Week

We are very proud of our childrens’ positive learning attitudes, the way they behave and show our Warren Park monkey values.

Every week children are chosen to be star of the week and presented with a certificate and badge/reward during Monday morning assembly.

Children are chosen by staff across the school, particularly if they are demonstrating the values linked to our weekly theme.

Theme: Red Cross Week

Monkey Value: Theodore – Responsibility


Child’s Name



Evie-Grace Broad

For being super resonsible when looking after her frineds and when grown ups ask her to help. Great job!


Ronan Mortimer

For his fantastic attitude to writing and he is always helpful to others. Well Done!


Braxton Tobitt

For his fabulous writing and taking responsibility for his learning.

Monkey Trees

Connie Harman

For always being responsible and looking after everyone!


Harry Hayles

For always looking after himslelf and others.


Maddie Pennell

For growing into a very resposible, caring young lady.


Crystal Carter

For taking responsibility for her story in English and really trying her best this week.


Will Smith

He has tried exceptionally hard this week to make the right choices and has been really responsible in the classroom.


Jessica Sanders

For being a caring and responsible friend!


Carly Chappell

For being a kind and caring Guppy and always looking out for others.


Harrison Mudd

For an excellent effort and great acting during our Greek Theatre afternoon.


Leon Prince

For always being responsible for improving his learning.


Mia Tennant

For always approaching staff with a polite and respectful manner. Well done!


Ciara-Rose James

For such a mature and responsible attitude to her learning ALL YEAR. Well done!

Outdoor Classroom

Creative Life Skills

Riley Gough

For taking pride in his work and creating a beautiful clay tile to celebrate the school’s birthday

Creative Life Skills

Louise Gore

For taking pride in her work and creating a beautiful clay tile to celebrate the school’s birthday

Special Award