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Stars of the Week

We are very proud of our childrens’ positive learning attitudes, the way they behave and show our Warren Park monkey values.

Every week children are chosen to be star of the week and presented with a certificate and badge/reward during Monday morning assembly.

Children are chosen by staff across the school, particularly if they are demonstrating the values linked to our weekly theme.

British Values Theme: Awareness

Monkey: Laurence

Child’s Name


Yr R Cactus

Oakley Blake

For always being a superstar and trying his very best in his learning. 

Yr R Snapdragons

Teddie Razzell

For his amazing efforts in his learning.

Yr 1 Willows

Lillia Carver

She has tried so hard all week and has been really focussed and hard-working!

Yr 1 Monkey Trees

Tessie-Lou Tindal

She has really given her all this term and made great progress with her work. 

Yr 2 Bumblebees

Megan Grass

For always trying her best, helping others and having a very positive attitude to learning.

Yr 2 Grasshoppers

Jack Holmes

For giving everything his best effort and being a resilient learner. Keep up the hard work!

Yr 3 Crocodiles

Jake Davies

For working really hard on the presentation of his work in Maths. Well done Jake. 

Yr 3 Alligators

Riley Easton

For working so hard during maths and completing lots of challenges as well as writing a fantastic setting description. 

Yr 4 Mackerels

Callum Moonan

For working hard and always being helpful.

Yr 4 Guppies

Leland Lucas

For working exceptionally hard this week and for always being a kind, helpful and respectful Guppy. Well done. 

Yr 5 Puffins

Layla Dampha

For being brave after splashing muddy water at Mrs Jeal and resilient due to payback. 

Yr 5 Owls

Scarlett Hardy

For always being ready to help clean, tidy and wash up around the class. 

Yr 6 Baboons

Spencer Westrope

For fully embracing the spirit of our reward day. 

Yr 6 Dolphins

Charlie McLauchlan

For being a font of knowledge on air arena and a pleasure throughout. 

Cosmic Curriculum

Billy Hargreaves

For using his new found confidence to help COSMIC with the younger children and for showing enthusiasm on the trip.

Special Award

Will Moonan

For being brave and sensible in a crisis! Well done Will!