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Year 1


This term we have been learning all about the Titanic. The children have worked really hard and have loved investigating and finding out about how the ship was built, the crew, the type of passengers on board and their different accommodation and entertainment, and the events that led up to the Titanic sinking.

The children were fantastic detectives, being able to look at old photos and drawing out lots of information. The passion the children showed when listening to some of the decisions that were made, such as the number of lifeboats, really fuelled their learning and they showed how much they had learnt when we went to Southampton’s Sea City Museum on Monday.

The staff at the museum were really impressed with the children’s knowledge and their ability to answer their questions as they went round the “Titanic story”. Some of the children were given the opportunity to dress up as some of the historical characters.


Victorians at Milestones Museum

We were very lucky travel to the Milestones museum and experience firsthand what it might have been like to live during the Victorian era. After a very long coach journey we were split into classes to explore what life was like in a Victorian school and how Victorian people shopped.

For the Victorian school, the children had to line up in two separate lines of girls and boys and when they walked in they were not allowed to talk unless spoken to by the teacher. Some of the children actually enjoyed this (as did all the adults) however most children did not like the idea of not being able to talk!! In the classroom, the children had an English lesson practicing their handwriting using slate and chalk and a maths lesson using an abacus.

To find out what shopping during the Victorian period was like, the children were asked to help the shopkeeper with her list of jobs to get ready for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee party. This involved using old money to buy goods, post invitations around the street to the invited guests and make sure they had the correct amount of ingredients to make the food and cake.

The Children had a fantastic day and found being surrounded by history for the day really interesting, if not very tiring!

Fun day for Alzheimer’s

Fun day for Alzheimer’s

A fun day was had by all in Year 1. On Friday the children got to try lots of different activities such as decorating biscuits, mindful colouring, drawing self-portraits, creating an autumnal leaf collage, making friendship bracelets and creating bear masks out of paper plates.

Hello and welcome to Year 1.

Hello and welcome to Year 1.

We are so proud of how all the children have settled into Year 1 so quickly after the summer holidays.

During this first half term we are focusing on getting the children used to the transition from Reception to Year 1 and becoming familiar different routines and their new surroundings.

Over the last two weeks the children have started their first Year 1 Talk for Writing text – Goldilocks and the three bears. The children had a shock on Tuesday when they walked in to find several areas of Year 1 cordoned off as crime scenes – someone had been in our classrooms overnight….but who??? By investigating the crime scenes and finding clues, the children decided that it had to be Goldilocks who been in our classrooms. She had eaten some porridge, tried Daddy Bear’s big and very hard bed, and even sat on Baby Bear’s chair and broken it!!

The children have learnt to retell the story using a story map, creating their own actions to help them remember key vocabulary.

The children have started learning new songs to help them in their maths lessons including “The big number song” which the children love because they start with 1 and end up at 1 trillion!!!