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Year 1

Indoor PE Thursday morning
Outdoor Games Wednesday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Monday afternoon
Library Tuesday afternoon

Monster Phonics & Zehra Hicks

We have been working super hard over the first couple of weeks back and we are super proud of how well he children have settled into their new routine.

We have already had a dress up day to celebrate our wonder Monster Phonics family and we were even lucky enough to have an author come in and visit us.

We welcomed Zehra Hicks into our classroom and were lucky enough for her to read us some of her stories. We especially loved The Worrying worries as this has helped up with our work on Worry Monsters in Year One.

Please feel free to explore some of her books and her lovely website. 


This week we have been working on number and place value. We have been learning how to carefully count and order numbers to 10 and beyond. We used practical equipment to help us develop our understanding of the number system and manipulate numbers in different ways. We ordered numbers 1-10 from smallest to biggest and vice versa. We used Numicon to help us visualise this then we used multilink to test our working in different ways. We also helped our friendly lady birds get their spots back by sharing out numbers to 20 evenly on their wings to give them their spots back.

Here is a song that the children can sing along to at home to help them consolidate their understanding of the number system.


In PE, we are working on agility and coordination. We are developing children’s special awareness and agility on their feet. To do this we have been setting up slaloms and other obstacle courses for the children to navigate their way around successfully. These sills are relay important and can be supported at home through lots of fun games. We played musical statues where we had to navigate our way around the hall, avoiding obstacles and other children. This kept us on our toes and really helped us learn instructions too.