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Year 2

Indoor PE Friday afternoon
Outdoor Games Tuesday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Wednesday afternoon
Library Monday afternoon

Spring Term

Page updated 6th April 2022


​This term in Art we have been exploring our key artist, Sarah Shiundu. We experimented with colour mixing by making colours darker by adding black and lighter by adding white. Once, we’d had practised this, we then painted the background of our picture using lots of different colour mixing. Then, we created Kenyan human figures from Kenyan cloth for the foreground of our final piece.

Art Challenge

Year 2 art challenge

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In our reading sessions, we have been exploring the text, ‘Spyder’ by Matt Carr.

Here is some of our reading work based on this book.

In our writing sessions, we have been exploring the text, ‘The Lion Inside’ by Rachel Bright.

Here is the story, if you’d like another read of this super story!

We have been writing lots of short burst pieces. Here we have Teddy Kenyon’s short narrative based on Mouse’s point of view and Matilda Coleman’s letter of advice to Mouse. Next week, we are going to be writing a character description for either Mouse or Lion.


We have been focusing on addition and subtraction. We have learnt to add and subtract on an empty number line. Then, we solved worded problems using the skills we had learnt.


This term we have been exploring plants. Our scientific enquiry question is: Does the materials you use effect the growth of cress?

In groups, we chose different materials to see if cress would grow. Here are some pictures to show the progress of the growth of cress on foil, paper towel and cotton wool. We have been surprised at some of our results so far!

Sculpture Club

This term we have had a super time in Sculpture Club learning lots of new skills.

One of our first projects was to create different models using Lego. We were very inventive and creative.

Our next project was using clay. We made sculptures of animals, flowers and bowls.

Christmas Video

1. Little Donkey
2. It’s Christmas
3. A Christmas message from Year 2
4. Somewhere Only We Know – Choir
5. Christmas Message
6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Choir

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