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Don’t Forget…

Hello and welcome back,

We hope everyone had a lovely half term break and is ready for a busy fun filled lead up to Christmas! As always we have lots planned this half term including the Christmas Production where Year 2 take the lead in acting. This is such an exciting opportunity for our children. We encourage every child to get on stage at some point, whether it’s to sing a song with the year group or be a main character in the play. We will try our best to find a role every child is happy with.


Whoever heard of a talking Papaya? The chidlren in Year 2 have!

This week we will start our new fiction text ‘The Papaya that Spoke’ with a focus on using speech in a story. The Papaya that Spoke is a ‘journey’ tale where chidlren will have the opportunity to apply their skills in using noun phrases and similes to describe as learnt in our previous unit.

Maths- Fractions

The children will be learning to find one half and one quarter of a shape and a number.
Here is some of their learning so far.

If you would like to continue this learning at home here are some websites to support you.

London's Burning

London’s Burning

Thank you to everyone who came to watch our Year 2 children during their assembly today and for all your support with the topic at home. The children have really enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London and they were especially excited to share their learning with you. For those parents who couldn’t make it, here are some photographs of the event. Unfortunately we are unable to put the video online but if you would like to watch it please come and see a member of the year 2 team.

Talk for Writing

In Year Two we have been looking at a new Talk for Writing text, Cat, Bramble and Heron. Here is a copy of our new story and a picture of the story map. If you ask the children and they should be able to retell the story using the map with the actions we have learnt as a class.

Cat, Bramble and Heron

Once upon a time there were three friends- Cat, Bramble and Heron who lived by a lake.

Early one morning they went out to seek their fortune.

First, Bramble slithered through the grass but all that he found was a pot as black as coal. Next, Cat sneaked along by the wall but all he found was an old fishbone. Finally, Heron flew down the road where he spied a pile of gold.

So Heron, Cat and Bramble divided the gold into not one, not two but three bags. Then they decided to hide their gold.

First, Heron spread out his wings, took the bag in his beak and flew high over the lake. Unfortunately, he saw his reflection in the water below. He thought that it was his brother so he called out, “Hello,” and as soon as he opened his beak, the gold scattered down like rain.

Next, Cat crept along the wall and paused by a small hole. Unfortunately, Mr Mouse sneaked out and stole Cat’s gold.

Finally, Bramble slithered along the hedgerows. Unfortunately, a thief sneaked by and stole Bramble’s bag of gold.

And that is why to this very day, Cat is still waiting outside Mr Mouse’s hole.

And that is why to this very day; Bramble hisses and wraps around your legs as you pass by.

And that is why to this very day, Heron is standing still in the water forever staring, still looking, looking, looking for his lost bag of gold.


In Year 2, each week on Friday your child will be sent home with some spellings to practise. Children will then be tested on these the following week and given new spellings as they are ready for them. Here are some spelling games you could play with your children at home to support this.

Look, cover, write and check.

Here you can look at the spelling together (saying the word), then cover it and write it and then check the spelling.

Spelling scribble.

Here you can draw several circles overlapping each other, then in the gaps children can write each word as many times in the gap.

Rainbow writing.

Here children can write their list of words in pencil and then pick a colour to trace over the top, they can then repeat this until each word looks like a rainbow.

Hello and welcome to Year 2.

Hello and welcome to Year 2.

We hope you all had a happy and relaxing summer. We are so excited about what this year will bring for our children. We have lots of exciting things planned including school trips and visitors from afar!

This term our first topic is ‘The Great Fire of London’. To kick start this topic, we had a visit from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service on Thursday. They taught us all about staying safe and preventing fires. We had an amazing time playing games, learning rhymes and of course trying on the fire fighter uniform. Sadly, the fire engine was called out on an emergency so we didn’t get to spray the hose this time!

As part of our topic, we are going to re-enact our own version of the Great Fire of London. To do this, each child will need to bring in an empty box (cereal box, shoe box etc.) so they can make their own 1666 house. To celebrate the end of our unit of work we will be inviting our parents and carers in so the children can share their learning with you. This has been booked for Friday 28th September at 9:30am. We will send a letter nearer the time but we hope to see you there!



Year 2 have PE on a Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure they keep their PE kits in school as depending on school events these days could change.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to catch a member of the Year Two team at any time, we are always happy to help.

Many thanks

Miss Miller

Year 2 Home Learning

Year 2 Home Learning

Supporting your children at home with their reading and spelling

Below is a list of words that your child will be learning to read and spell throughout their time in Key Stage One at Warren Park Primary School. They are a mixture of words that we encourage children to use in their writing and words they often misspell. Along with reading at home, we would be grateful if you could support your child to read and spell the words from the lists as part of their home learning.

We will continually assess the children with reading and spelling these key words and send them home with some of the words to practice on a weekly basis.

If you would like any advice on how to practice these spellings please come a see a member of the Year 2 team.

Year 1 Common Exception Words to download and print

Year 2 Common Exception Words to download and print

Supporting your children at home with their number bonds

If you would like to support your child with their learning at home they need to become fluent in recalling their number bonds to 20 and recalling their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Below are some games you can play to support this.

Number bonds to 20

Times Tables