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Year 2

We would love to say a massive thank you to all of the amazing children in Year Two. They have had an incredible week, where they have settled into their New Year Group fabulously. Over the week, the children have been reading stories, making games and creating some inspirational winter inspired art. They also made their own grasshoppers and bumbles to decorate the classrooms.

Children wanted to play a game where they could practice counting, so they decided to make their very own versions of Snakes and Ladders. To do this, they had to count to 100 and place it on a number grid in a snake pattern. Then they added their snakes, ladders and had lots of fun playing.

For out winter inspired art, the children chose which colours represented the cold months of the year. They selected blues and white chalks and practiced different techniques to create a winter scape. Using blending and different pressures, the children were able to create winter art with different contrasts and styles. They look amazing.

With the help of Mrs Char Char, the children had a go at folding techniques to make some snowflakes too. They absolutely loved having a go at this super simple activity.

With a love of singing, the children have been learning some new songs to help them remember when their birthday is. The aim of the game was for the children to learn all of the months of the year and jump up on their birthday month – this was really funny to watch. We practiced counting to a trillion and backwards in 1s from 100. All these songs are available on YouTube so easy for the children to practice at home.

Our Zone board theme this year, is based around Disney’s ‘Inside Out’. For those who have not seen it, it’s an incredible film that explored all the human emotions from the perspective of a young girl. The story is told from inside the girl and is a really powerful representation of all of the human feelings that we all go through. We love Friday’s in Year Two so each Friday, everybody starts on Fantastic on the Zone board. If they are still there at the end of the day, it’s a guaranteed Cheeky Charlie stamp!

Here’s to a fantastic Year and a thank you from the Year Two Team.