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Year 3

Indoor PE Monday afternoon
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Spring Term

Page updated 18th March 2022

Art Club

This week our Year 3 Art Club enjoyed making Paper Plate Frogs.

Art – Tile Mosaics

As part f our Art work on collage we have been looking at work by Gaudi. We loved his mosaics and decided that we would try and create our own masterpiece. Mrs Mulligan convinced Mrs Bannard to let us create a tile mosaic on the back of her bookcase.

We designed our own individual tile, then painted it. Once dried we then smashed them and worked together to grout them into place on the back of the bookcase.

We hope you agree it looks amazing!


Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely Christmas. Thank you so much for your support over the break with the children’s art projects, we have had some amazing rainforest creatures that are proudly displayed in the cloakroom.

The children have come back brilliantly and settled quickly into our Spring term.

A new term means we are starting lots of new learning journeys which the children are really excited about. Our theme in English for both our writing and guided reading is Caution and Confidence. Our text driver is ‘The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish’, the children had great fun chatting about what they would swap their family members for. Our grammar focus is using speech in writing and at the end of the unit the children will be writing their own story, which we will hopefully be able to share with you on here.

Our History focus this half term is the Romans and the impact they had on Britain. Some of the children were very animated in their acting out of the establishing of the Roman empire. We are hoping to bring in a theatre company later in the term to work with the children on some Roman workshops so we will keep you updated as soon as we are able to confirm.

During Science lessons the children have been exploring and learning the different rock types and their properties. Hopefully they might be able to impress you with their knowledge.

We are continuing to work hard on developing fluency and comprehension in reading and promoting a love of books and reading. We have spent a lot of time with the children explaining a 3 reads model, children read something once to decode it, a second time to increase fluency and a third time to comprehend and answer questions. This is something we ask you support at home if possible.

We have also spoken to the children about making sure they are reading their school book at home. These books are carefully chosen at an appropriate level and we ask that three reads in the week are from this book, even if it is only a couple of pages and then they can obviously read the book of their choice.

Can we please ask that all children bring a jumper and coat into school. Our windows remain open in the classroom for ventilation so children need a second layer on and despite running around at playtime it is too cold not to be wearing a coat.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Year 3 Team

Christmas 2021 Video

1. Christmas Is Coming
2. Feliz Navidad
3. Christmas Definitions
4. It’s Christmas!
5. Somewhere Only We Know – Choir
6. Christmas Message
7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Choir


We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. A new week and a new text in English which meant an exciting new hook. Our text is called Cloud Tea Monkeys and supports our Geography unit on trade and the importance of imports and exports. To launch our book the children become tea tasters for the Maharaja of India. Most were very brave and tasted a sample of teas including peppermint, liquorice and lemon and ginger. I don’t think there will be many coming home asking you to buy them!

The children have been fascinated in Geography about where our food comes from and how much of the food in our cupboards is imported from other countries.

We have finished our work on fractions and have moved on to looking at measure. The children have been busy with their rulers, estimating and measuring things around the classroom.

Home reading this week was a win for Crocodiles, although reads were down in both classes this week.

This week’s reading results;

 Crocodiles 152 reads and Alligators 145!

Can we please ask that all children bring a jumper and coat into school. Our windows are open in the classroom for ventilation so children need a second layer on and despite running around at playtime it is too cold not to be wearing a coat.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Year 3 Team

Welcome Back

Welcome back, hope you all enjoyed half term. Thank you for your support over the break, with helping the children complete their Halloween Pumpkin Reading Challenge, it was great to give out so many certificates on our return.

We are now back to our usual home reading and this week was a win for Alligators

This week’s reading results;

Crocodiles 205 reads and Alligators 215!

We have made a great start on all our new learning units. The children have loved reading Emmanuel’s Dream and finding out about the inspirational Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. We have also been busy with Atlases, starting our Geography unit on economic trade, we will be learning about the tea trade in India and trade within our local area. In Maths, we are continuing to build on our number knowledge, including our times tables and we have started exploring fractions.

A reminder that Friday 19th December is a pyjama day for Children in Need.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Year 3 Team

October Half Term

It doesn’t seem possible that we only have one week left of this half term. Several of our units of work are coming to an end, including our Art. We’ve had great fun going back in time and making our own paints, as they would have done during the Stone Ages, using mud, chalk and iron oxide. We’ve then practiced our painting skills using sticks, feathers and our fingers! The children showed such attention to detail when learning to draw a woolly mammoth. It was lovely to see so many then bring in pictures that they had drawn at home; we have made a special gallery to display them. Our skills development resulted in final pieces drawn and painted on sandpaper that were put together to make a large cave painting.

This week’s reading results;

Crocodiles 151 reads and Alligators 138!

During the half term the children will bring home a Pumpkin Reading Challenge to complete and will not need to record their reads in their Reading Log.

We hope you have a lovely half term break and look forward to seeing you at the start of Autumn 2!

As always please come and see us if there is anything we can help with. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Year 3 Team

Week 4

Well I think Autumn has definitely arrived this week!

A few children this week have commented that they were cold as we are continuing to keep our windows open for ventilation, can we ask that children have a jumper or cardigan in school.

This week we’ve enjoyed learning about diaries, sharing extracts, reading Diary of a Worm and some of us had fun reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid that someone bought in from home. It was great to see so many children buying diaries from the school bookshop on Friday.

The children showed great team work this week, becoming research expects. Working as a small team they researched how an element of history had changed during the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. They then presented their findings to the rest of the year group.

Your children should all have bought home their Wonde logins, if you have any problems with getting online please let us know and we will do our best to sort it.

Thank you for your continued support with home reading this week. Both classes this week had an increase on last week.

Crocodiles had 139 reads and Alligators 119!

As always please come and see us if there is anything we can help with. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Year 3 Team

Another great week!

We are lucky enough for the next few weeks to have a teacher and a team of PE ambassadors coming in from Park Community School to deliver our PE lesson on a Monday. They did a mini circuits session with the children this week and moving forward they will be working on gymnastics, which the children are really excited about. It is important that the children come in wearing their PE kit, we had a few girls in skirts this week.

We have included a few photos this week from our Science lesson. We were looking at friction and testing different surfaces to see which was best for a toy car to move on.

We finished reading Leon and the Place Between this week. Our quote of the week has got to have been, “that was the most amazing book we’ve ever, ever read”

Thank you for your support with home reading this week. Our inter class competition between Crocodiles and Alligators was a close call. Crocodiles had 122 reads and Alligators 114!

As always please come and see us if there is anything we can help with. Thank you for your support.

Year 3 Team

Wow! Where have the last two weeks gone?

We have been so busy the time has flown. All of the children have settled well into our new routines and expectations and have come back full of enthusiasm. I had a letter this week from one of the authors who visited school for our Reading Festival and he praised Year 3 for their behaviour and engagement in their learning.

Hopefully, you’ve heard all about the Warren Park Circus day we held to introduce our writing unit on ‘Leon and the Place Between’. The children had great fun walking on bucket stilts, juggling, using ribbon batons and eating popcorn. They were then amazed by our ‘magical’ visit from Silly Scott and sat transfixed by his tricks.

It’s not all fun in Year 3 though as we have also started a history unit on the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age and our Science unit looking at the forces of pushing and pulling.

To support your child with all the hard work they are doing in school, we are hoping that you can support at home. We will be sending your child home this week with their spellings to learn; these will be tested in school on a Friday and new ones given out for the following week.

Your child will also be bringing home a Times Table Record Book. In the Juniors, we ask that the children practice their multiplication tables several times a week. This can be done on paper, by playing games, using Times Table Rock Stars or any online educational games such as Topmarks.

We are asking that the children bring into school both their Home Reading and Times Table Record books every day.

Reminder: PE days are Monday and Thursday. Please send your child in wearing shorts or tracksuit bottoms, school coloured t-shirt and sensible foot wear.

Please come and see us if there is anything we can help with. Thank you for your support.

Year 3 Team

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