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Year 3

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We would like to share with you some of the things we have been up to in Year 3.


In Geography we have been learning about the Rainforest. We decided to use what we had learnt about the layers of the rainforest to create a group collage. We started by learning about different collage techniques, hopefully you enjoyed looking at these when we bought them home on Friday. We then had a fab afternoon in the hall working together on our giant collages.

This is one of our finished masterpieces.


An update on our planting. Both our cress and our beans are doing well. We are looking forward to an experiment with celery and carnations this week.


As always we have loved getting outside for our Cosmic lessons and have been developing our team work skills.


We used laptops and atlases to find out about the rainforests and their climate. We then prepared and presented our own weather forecast.



Our outdoor PE day is Wednesday can we please ask that children have suitable shoes on for outdoor games.

Keeping Warm!

The weather is definitely getting colder. Can we please ask that children have a coat in school, it is important that we get outside for our playtime and fresh air.

Our windows in the classroom need to be open so again as the weather gets colder please ensure your child has a jumper on and layers if needed.

Reading and Spelling

We have started our Monster Phonics lessons and will be sending the children home with their weekly spellings to learn.

We are very keen to celebrate children’s reading but have noticed that some children are not managing their minimum three reads a week to an adult. We are working hard to close the gaps from the previous year, reading is vital to this. PLEASE support us by listening to your child read at home as much as possible.




Dragon Egg

Wow! Not sure where the time is going. We wanted to share with you the fab start we have made to Year 3 and some of the things we have been doing.


We started the term by having a couple of days reading and working on the Enormous Crocodile book.

Mrs Mulligan bought a giant egg in to show us that she found while out walking her dog. We wrote about what we thought might be in it, we thought it may have been a dragon egg. This week we came in and found the egg had hatched but whatever was in it has escaped!

We are now working on a text called ‘The Cobbler and the Dragon’.


We have been having great fun learning about plants in Science. We have been busy dissecting and planting. We are carrying out experiments to help an alien find out how to grow plants on her planet.

Welcome back!

Welcome to Year 3!

We have been so excited to welcome your children back into school and have been really impressed with how well they have settled into our new structures and routines.
We would like to thank you for your patience and support as we have adapted to the new way of working. We will continue to respond to guidance and adapt our routines to ensure school runs as safely and smoothly as possible. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some key information for our year group.

Drop off and pick up

The start and end of the school day is staggered to limited the number of children coming through the gates at one time.
Our entry time is from the main front gate at 8:55.
Our collection time is from the main gate at 3:15.
If your child has a sibling in Years 2, 4 or 6 they are able to come in with their brother or sister at the earlier time of 8:40.

Things to bring into school

Packed lunches can come into school and a separate water bottle so that this can be filled up and used throughout the day.
A warm coat – we will be going outside for fresh air and exercise even when the weather becomes colder.
Reading and Times Table record books – these will be coming home during the next week.

Things not to bring into school

We kindly ask that children don’t bring in rucksacks, bags, book bags or P.E. bags, this helps us avoid clutter and clean more easily.
Unfortunately, birthday cakes, sweets and invitations can’t be handed out in school at this time.
Cuddly toys and other things such as pencil cases and play things can’t come into school.

P.E timetable

As P.E. kits cannot come into school, we ask that children come in wearing their P.E kit on a Wednesday, our outdoor PE day.
We ask that children try to wear;
Joggers or tracksuit bottoms (preferably black, grey or blue if possible.)
Normal school polo shirt or a plain white t-shirt
School jumper or cardigan
We would ask that children do not wear jeans or football kits on PE days.
Earrings should not be worn to school on PE days. If they are newly pierced then
you should send your child in with surgical tape covering them. We only allow small stud earrings in school at any time and sleepers or dangly earrings are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

Indoor P.E

In order for each year group to have access to the school hall and for it to be cleaned, each year group will have an allotted day throughout the week. This will change weekly. You will receive a text the day before each indoor P.E session so that the children know when to come into school wearing their P.E clothes. Outdoor P.E days will stay the same each week


Your child’s COSMIC time will be on Wednesday. We are not able to provide coats or welly boots, please ensure that children come in suitable shoes and have coats and jumpers on cold days. We will try to keep children away from the mud and will not be going out in heavy rain but please only send them in shoes that you are happy to get a bit messy.


Your child will soon be bringing their reading book home again. After such a long break from reading their book bands, we will be working hard to build back up their confidence, fluency and key skills. In order to be successful, fluent readers some children may benefit from re-visiting their previous colour bands. We will be continuing all our in school reading rewards and hope you can support us with as much reading as possible at home

We are looking forward to working together over the coming year, although we might not always be able to chat at drop off or pick up times, we can always be contacted by phone so please don’t hesitate to call if there is something you would like to discuss.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Year 3 Team.

Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

We would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome you to Year 3, to introduce our team and tell you a little bit about the year group and what our first term will look like. We know things may look a little different to normal in September but we are really excited about getting back together and starting our year.

Please click here to view or download our Year 3 leaflet

Our Team

Our teaching team is Mrs Mulligan, Mrs Benford and we welcome a new teacher to the school Miss Ellis. Our learning support team are Mrs Kirk, Mr Hiscutt and Miss Bentley.

Daily Structure

Our school day is going to look a little different with our staggered starts and finish, staggered playtimes and lots of handwashing!

Our drop off time will be 8:55 at the main gate and our collection time will be 3:15 also from the main gate.

8:55 – 9:10
9:10 – 10:45
10:40 – 10:45
10:45 – 12:00
12:00 – 1:00
1:00 – 3:15

Morning Task









Afternoon Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned for the Autumn term and want to assure you that we will be working hard to revisit and integrate the Year 2 curriculum that has been missed. Our first unit of English is based on a Defeat the Monster text and we will be looking at a book called The Clockwork Dragon. We are really looking forward to our Geography unit on The Rainforest and getting our hands dirty in science doing lots of planting.

COSMIC Lessons

The outdoor curriculum in the Boulter Building and our PSHE curriculum are known as Cosmic and will continue to taught by Miss Tester and Mr Jones on a Wednesday morning. Children will need to wear their own coats outside during COSMIC. Although we will do our best to keep children away from mud, don’t wear best coats. As usual we will provide foot wear, which will be cleaned as part of our routine

PE Days

Children will not be able to keep PE kits in school so they should either wear them on their day or bring it with them for the lesson. Please ensure the kit is suitable for running and includes suitable foot wear. Our outdoor PE day will be Wednesday and you will be sent a text when your indoor PE day will be.

For your child’s safety we do not allow any jewellery to be worn during sport. Earrings have to be taken out and if your child can not put them back in we ask that they don’t wear them on PE days to ensure they don’t get lost.

Home Learning

In Year 3 we follow the school policy on home reading and ask that your child is reading at least three times a week to an adult, for each home read they will be rewarded with a raffle ticket for the weekly book raffle.

We will also be sending home a times table record book. Our expectation is that the children practice their tables at home at least three times a week. This can be writing them out, completing the tasks we will send home or on the interactive computer app Times Tables Rockstars. If you haven’t used it before this is a great programme that allows the children to practices tables in a fun, safe interactive way that we are able to monitor and control in school.

We will also be sending home six spellings every week for your child to practise.


We follow the school behaviour policy and believe in praise and positive reinforcement. In both classrooms, we have zoneboards where the children are rewarded if they finish at the top of the board. On the rare occasions a child ends the day at the bottom of the zoneboard, they may be asked to stay in at playtime.

We are really looking forward to working with your children this year, seeing the great progress they make and creating lots of happy Warren Park memories. If at any time you do have any questions, queries or problems please don’t hesitate to come in and speak to us.                            

Year 3 Team

Reading, Writing & Maths - Home Learning Archive

As it is the end of term on Friday 17th July, this is the last set of home learning that will be uploaded to the website. We really hope that you have enjoyed the activities so far over the last few weeks. To those of you who have emailed in photos of your wonderful work whilst school has been closed, we have really enjoyed seeing your fantastic learning continuing at home and you continue to make us very, very proud.

This week you will find the following activities for you to complete:

  • A ‘Goodbye Year 3, Hello Year 4’ writing booklet. In here, you will find lots of fun activities to fill in all about your time in Year 3 including your favourite memories, the friends you have made, your funniest moment and your achievements of which we are sure there will be many! It also includes activities for you to complete about moving up to Year 4 including what you are most looking forward to, a space for you to ask your new teachers some questions, tell them what you have been up during lockdown and to tell them a little bit about what makes you special.
  • A Maths revision booklet – Using this booklet, you will be able to revise some of the Maths from this year to help prepare you for Year 4. Try your very best to do as much as you can but don’t worry if you have forgotten some things. There is an answer booklet so someone can mark your work for you or help you if you are stuck.
  • A Maths Mystery booklet – This week’s mystery is called The Mystery at Eagleton Castle! Good luck!

We really hope to see you in school for transition day on either Monday 20th July or Wednesday 22nd July where you can meet your new teachers and see your new classrooms.

Although it was a short year, Alligators and Crocodiles, you have made us so very proud of you and it has been a pleasure to be your teachers. We wish you all the very best of luck for Year 4 and we hope you have a fantastic summer holiday! See you in September!

Mrs Jennings, Miss Cornish & Mr Ayling 😊

The links below will open the worksheets.

Writing Task (13/07) – Transition

Maths Mystery (13/07) – Eagleton Castle

Maths (13/07) – Revision Workbook  

Maths (13/07) – Revision Workbook Answers

In Year 3, the Maths focus this week, beginning 6th July, is Fractions. You can download the workbook and answer book alongside this week’s Maths Mystery Challenge – The Mystery of the Missing Tennis Ball!

The reading comprehension this week is all about the Iranian New Year celebration, Nowruz whilst the writing task is to create a poem in any style that you like.

Proud of your work? Remember that you can email pieces in to share with your teachers on the year group emails! Have fun!

The links below will open the worksheets.

Reading Comprehension (06/07) – Iranian New Year

Writing Task (06/07) – Celebration Poems

Maths Mystery (06/07) – The Missing Tennis Ball

Maths (06/07) – Fractions Workbook  

Maths (06/07) – Fractions Workbook Answers

In Year 3, the Maths focus this week, beginning 29th June, is Multiplication and Division. You can download the workbook and answer book alongside this week’s Maths Mystery Challenge – The Monkey Mystery at Animal Antics Zoo!

The reading comprehension this week is all about the Digestive System whilst the writing task is recipe instructions.

Proud of your work? Remember that you can email pieces in to share with your teachers on the year group emails! Have fun!

The links below will open the worksheets.

Reading Comprehension (29/06) – Food Digestion

Writing Task (29/06) – Instructions

Maths Mystery (29/06) – Animal Antics Zoo

Maths (29/06) – Multiplication and Division Workbook  

Maths (29/06) – Multiplication and Division Workbook Answers

In Year 3, the Maths focus this week, beginning 22nd June, is Addition and Subtraction. You can download the workbook and answer book alongside this week’s Maths Mystery Challenge – The Mystery of the Sports Day Trophy!

The reading comprehension this week is all about Captain Tom Moore and the writing task is a descriptive story about what could be at the end of a rainbow. Get creative!

Proud of your work? Remember that you can email pieces in to share with your teachers on the year group emails! Have fun!

The links below will open the worksheets.

Reading Comprehension (22/06) – Captain Tom Moore

Creative Writing (22/06) – End of the rainbow

Maths Mystery (22/06) – Sports Day Trophy

Maths (22/06) – Addition & Subtraction Workbook

Maths (22/06) – Addition & Subtraction Workbook – Answers

In Year 3, the Maths focus this week is Number and Place Value. You can download the Place Value workbook and answer book alongside the Spoiled Party Bags Maths Mystery Challenge. As it is Black History Month, the reading comprehension this week is all about the American basketball player Kobe Bryant. The writing task is an ‘Imagine the Setting’ description where children will have to imagine that they are trapped in school after being shrunk and describe their journey and the dangers they encounter across the classroom.

Reading Comprehension (15/06) – Kobe Bryant

Creative Writing (15/06) – Imagine a Setting

Maths Mystery (15/06) – Spoiled Party Bags

Maths WorkBook (15/06)

Maths WorkBook (15/06) – Answers

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