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Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4 at Warren Park!

We would like to start by thanking you for your kind support. It has been wonderful to finally welcome all of our children back into school.

We have been so very impressed with just how well they have settled back into school life and the positivity with which they have approached the changes to their learning experiences.

With our day to day communication now limited due to Covid, we wanted to update you with some key information as we begin Year 4 together.

  • PE KIT

    Please make sure that your child is sent into school wearing their PE kit on Thursdays. This will limit the amount of kit in school. Contact sports will be limited and all equipment will be cleaned after use.

    On PE days, we kindly ask that you ensure that your child wears their normal Warren Park polo shirt and jumper or cardigan with either shorts or tracksuit bottoms (blue, grey or black preferred if possible). We would ask that children do not wear jeans on PE days and that they avoid wearing a football kit as well. PE lessons will be held outside wherever possible so your child should wear their trainers rather than school shoes.

    Please remember that your child will remain in this kit throughout the day.

    Earrings should not be worn to school on PE days. If they are newly pierced then
    you should send your child in with surgical tape covering them. We only allow small stud earrings in school at any time and sleepers or dangly earrings are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

  • Sadly, we can no longer accept any birthday cake or sweets for distribution during the school day. We can also no longer allow the children to distribute birthday invites in school either. We ask that these things are dealt with outside of school for the time being. Please be assured that as soon as we are able to accept cake, we will most certainly let you know!
  • The children will soon be able to start bringing reading books home again. Please be assured that we will be working hard to make sure the children begin on a suitable book band colour, especially to encourage fluency and confidence having had such a long break.  These bands will be under regular review so don’t be surprised if they seem to move quite quickly through the colours this term!  We ask that reading records come in only once a week, on a Friday, when they will be checked and signed off in the normal way.

    In Year 4, our COSMIC time will be on Tuesday. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide coats or welly boots so please ensure that children come in suitable shoes and have coats and jumpers on cold days. We will try to keep children away from the mud and will not be going out in heavy rain but please only send them in shoes that you are happy to get a bit messy.

We were delighted to see the children settle back into school brilliantly last week and we are really excited to explore all the interesting aspects of Year 4 life at Warren Park over the coming year.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if there is anything you wish to discuss.

Thank you for your consistent co-operation and understanding.

Year 4 Team

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

We welcome you and your child to the Year 4 team. As they enter the next year of their primary education they have so many things to do and look forward to. Their learning experience encompasses all that they do and achieve both at home and in school. We will and do endeavour as a team to help your child achieve their full potential with us.

Please click here to view our Year 4 Key Information leaflet

Our mornings focus on the core skills of English and Mathematics which are essential in their current and future development. The afternoons focus on science, wider curriculum, R.E. and P.E. Our P.E. days are Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that they have the appropriate P.E. kit.

Developing reading skills and a love of books is a high priority for us in Year 4 and one that we hope you can support us with. Your child will bring home a book of their choice from the reading rainbow every evening. We ask that you listen, read and share their book as often as possible. Your child will be rewarded with a raffle ticket for every occasion they read at home with an adult. We will endeavour to hear your child read in school regularly and will continually assess the level they are reading at and their progress. It is important that reading continues to be a fun and exciting activity.

How our groups are set up

There are two registration groups – Guppys & Mackerels. There are 4 teachers for English and Maths. The groups are differentiated and have additional adult support. In addition to the 3 class set up, we provide intervention groups to accelerate progress across the curriculum and to provide additional support where it is required.

Curriculum themes in Year 4


Science Living Things and Habitats / Electricity / States of Matter / Sound / Animals and Humans
History Ancient Egyptians / Vikings and Anglo-Saxons
Geography Countries of the World / Volcanoes / Earning a Living
Music Ukulele / Recorder / African Drums
Art Collage / Clay / Paint / Modroc / Drawing
Computing Scratch Questions and Quizzes / Word Processing / Animation / Programming / Online Safety / Using and Applying
C.O.S.M.I.C Details to follow

P.E. Days

Our P.E. Days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has a kit, as follows: shorts, T-shirt, tracksuit (winter), trainers / plimsolls, no jewellery.


Behaviour is managed as per the school behaviour policy.  We have a zone-board in both classrooms which is used to support our approach to behaviour.  If your child finishes the day at the top of the board they earn credits towards educational rewards.  On rare occasions a child may finish the day at the bottom of the zone board and in these instances they may be asked to stay in during break time on the following day.


Your child will bring a reading book home every evening and we would ask that you read with your child as often as possible.  We ask the children to read at home a minimum of four times per week. The books are all colour banded and each child knows what colour they are on.  We will review each child’s book colour on a regular basis.

We are here to help!

If you have any questions about your child’s progress or any other aspect of their time in Year 4, please do not hesitate to come and see us and we will be more than happy to help with any questions or concerns. For safeguarding reasons, please make sure you go via the office before doing this.

Optional home learning

We like to set our children fun but optional home learning activities which allow them to explore their creativity and deepen their understanding of the curriculum.

Reading, Writing & Maths - Home Learning Archive

As it is the end of term on Friday 17th July, this is the last set of home learning that will be uploaded to the website. We really hope that you have enjoyed the activities over the last few weeks. To those of you who have emailed in photos of your wonderful work whilst school has been closed, we have really enjoyed seeing your fantastic learning continuing at home and you continue to make us very, very proud.

This week you will find the following activities for you to complete:

  • A ‘Goodbye Year 4, Hello Year 5’ writing booklet – In here, you will find lots of fun activities to fill in all about your time in Year 4 including your favourite memories, the friends you have made, your funniest moment and your achievements of which we are sure there will be many! It also includes activities for you to complete about moving up to Year 5 including what you are most looking forward to, a space for you to ask your new teachers some questions, tell them what you have been up during lockdown and to tell them a little bit about what makes you special.
  • A Maths revision booklet – Using this booklet, you will be able to revise some of the Maths from this year to help prepare you for Year 5. Try your very best to do as much as you can but don’t worry if you have forgotten some things. There is an answer booklet so someone can mark your work for you or help you if you are stuck.
  • A Maths Mystery booklet – This week’s mystery is called ‘The Mystery of the Missing Racket’! Good luck!

We really hope to see you in school for transition day on either Monday 20th July or Wednesday 22nd July where you can meet your new teachers and see your new classrooms.

Although our time was cut short, Mackerels and Guppies, you have all been brilliant and we have all really enjoyed teaching you this year. We wish you all the very best of luck Year 5 and we hope you have a great summer holiday! See you in September!

Mrs Mulligan, Mrs Hayward and Mrs Bannard 😊

The links below will open the worksheets.

Writing Task (13/07) – Transition

Maths Mystery (13/07) – The Missing Racket – Questions

Maths Mystery (13/07) – The Missing Racket – Answers

Maths (13/07) – Revision Workbook

In Year 4, the Maths focus this week, beginning 6th July, is Fractions. You can download the workbook and answer book alongside this week’s Maths Mystery Challenge – The Stolen Dragon Head!

The reading comprehension this week is all about the Chinese New Year celebrations whilst the writing task is to create a poem in any style that you like.

Proud of your work? Remember that you can email pieces in to share with your teachers on the year group emails! Have fun!

The links below will open the worksheets.

Reading Comprehension (06/07) – Chinese New Year

Writing Task (06/07) – Celebration Poems

Maths Mystery (06/07) – The Stolen Dragon Head – Questions

Maths Mystery (06/07) – The Stolen Dragon Head – Answers

Maths (06/07) – Fractions Workbook with Answers

In Year 4, the Maths focus this week, beginning 29th June, is Multiplication and Division. You can download the workbook and answer book alongside this week’s Maths Mystery Challenge – The Mystery of the Pirate Captain!

The reading comprehension this week is all about the Digestive System whilst the writing task is recipe instructions.

Proud of your work? Remember that you can email pieces in to share with your teachers on the year group emails! Have fun!

The links below will open the worksheets.

Reading Comprehension (29/06) – Food Digestion

Writing Task (29/06) – Instructions

Maths Mystery (29/06) – Pirate Captain – Questions

Maths Mystery (29/06) – Pirate Captain – Answers

Maths (29/06) – Multiplication and Division Workbook

Maths (29/06) – Multiplication and Division Workbook – Answers

In Year 4, the Maths focus this week is Number and Place Value. You can download the Place Value workbook and answer book alongside the Thief at the Chocolate Factory Maths Mystery Challenge. As it is Black History Month, the reading comprehension this week is all about civil rights activist Malcolm X. The writing task is a ‘Continue the Story’ activity where children will choose a picture that inspires them the most and continue the story entitled The Space Journey.

Reading comprehension (15/06) – Malcom X

Creative Writing (15/06) – Continue the Story

Maths Mystery (15/06) – Chocolate Factory Thief

Number and Place Value Workbook (15/06)

Number and Place Value Workbook (15/06) – Answers

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