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Year 4

Indoor PE Thursday afternoon
Outdoor Games Friday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Wednesday morning
Library Tuesday afternoon

Christmas 2021 Video

1. We Three Kings
2. Jingle Bells – Ukelele
3. Baboushka – Ukelele
4. Winter Wonderland
5. It’s Christmas!
6. Somewhere Only We Know – Choir
7. Christmas Message
8. We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Choir

Welcome to Year 4

The children have had a fantastic start to the year and have all settled in to Year 4 brilliantly. Please see below for a summary of our learning so far this half term.


In English, we have been reading ‘The Princess who Hid in a Tree’ where we have been predicting what might happen from details stated and implied. We have also been drawing inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions and justifying inferences with evidence.

We are unbelievably excited to get the opportunity to have a Zoom call with the author Jackie Holderness! We have lots of exciting questions to ask and look forward to finding out what it is like to be an author.


In Writing, we have been reading ‘Beowulf’. Throughout this unit, we have used figurative language such as similes and alliteration to build a picture in the readers head. We have also begun to use inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech. The legend of Beowulf also makes interesting cross curricular links to our upcoming unit on the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England.


Throughout Year 4, we will all be working incredibly hard to learn our times tables in preparation for the Multiplication Tables Check in the Summer term. To support this, we have been visually representing times tables in a variety of ways to include multiple representations, models and images to support learning. If you would like to extend your learning further at home, please feel free to use your Wonde login to access Education City, Times Table Rock Stars or access

In addition, we have also been recognising the place value of each digit in a 4-digit number and using this to understanding to add numbers with up to 4 digits using column addition.


In Science, we started our ‘States of Matter’ unit by sorting materials into different states and describing the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We then played the part of particles and organised ourselves into the three states of matter.

Please see our photos for some of the steps in our scientific enquiry – Knowledge, Exploration, Scientific Thinking, Enquiry, Challenge and Application!

If you like a challenge, please help us work out if slime is a solid or a liquid.


In Geography, we are trying to answer the question ‘Is the Costa Blanca a world away from our local area?’

To launch our topic, Warren had hidden his treasure around Europe and needed our help to locate it. To help Warren find his treasure, we had to use a range of geographical skills, maps and atlases to:

  • locate Europe’s environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries and capital cities.
  • identify the oceans bordering Europe
  • identify features using the four points of a compass

To support our findings, we included symbols and a key to show the different features on a map of Europe.


In Art, we have been learning about the work of Carol Sabo. We have made links to our Geography topic and have enjoyed developing our skills to create a watercolour postcard from Costa Blanca. We started by experimenting with adding black and white to colours to create tints, tones and shade. After that, we practised two watercolour techniques – wet on wet and wet on dry before working towards our final piece.


During our Computing sessions, we have recapped the features of the Scratch environment before decomposing a working game together as a class. We have started to utilise the PRIMM strategy to promotes Predicting, Running, Investigating and Modifying code before Making something.


In Year 4, we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with the Hampshire Music Service where we have been learning to play the ukulele. We look forward to inviting family and friends in soon to watch us in action.


In Spanish, we have been identifying phonemes, letters and words which are similar to and different from English in spoken and written forms. We have found out that there are 27 letters in the Spanish alphabet and have begun to use our phonics knowledge to read and accurately pronounce simple words.


Every Wednesday morning, our children experience our Cosmic curriculum.  See our Long Term plans to find out which topics are being covered each half-term.

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