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Year 5

Indoor PE Wednesday morning
Outdoor Games Monday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Tuesday afternoon
Library Thursday afternoon

Welcome to Year 5

The children have had an excellent start to the year and have all settled in to our Puffins and Owls classes.  The children have agreed upon a set of rules that we shall all follow and are showing a great level of maturity and a zest for learning. Please see below for a summary of our learning so far this half term.


We are reading ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe’, a book by Stephen and Lucy Hawking.  The children are loving this book, especially as it links so well to our Science topic, ‘Earth and Space’.  So far, we have used the book to stimulate a set of instructions on operating a super computer called Cosmos and we are now working on a narrative, where we explore space, which will involve using speech alongside action within our writing.


In Maths, we have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers from 1 – 1,000,000!  The children have really embraced new methods and are applying their new knowledge to reasoning and problem solving activities.


In Science, we have been learning about the planets.  The children have presented some of their work in assembly and sung a very catchy tune to the school.  If you haven’t already heard it, you can find it here.  We are working towards answering the question – could we live on any other planet?


In History we are learning about Ancient Civilisations such as the Egyptians and the Shang dynasty.  We are learning that these people from long ago were incredibly clever and were among the first humans to develop writing and maths systems. We are working towards answering the question – where and when did the earliest civilisations develop and what did they achieve?


In Art, we have been learning about a designer called Philip Treacy.  Amongst other things, he has made hats and head pieces for lots of famous people.  We are linking the work of Mr Treacy to our History topic where we are working towards a final piece which will reflect our learning about Ancient Egyptian head pieces.


In Music we have been learning about the instruments of the orchestra. We listened to Benjamin Britten’s ‘Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’ to discover the different orchestral families. Then, we listened to ‘Mars: The Bringer of War’ which is from Gustav Holst’s ‘Planets Suite’ and learnt about the cello. Soon, we’ll be composing and performing our own pieces of music with an ostinato (a repeated rhythmic pattern) inspired by Holst’s work.


In Spanish, we have been finding out about an exciting festival called Las Fallas which happens each year in the Spanish city of Valencia.


In Computing we have been developing our coding skills.  We are currently analysing code written by others and will work towards editing this and then writing our own code.


On a Monday, half of us have been playing basketball while the other half have been swimming at Havant Leisure Centre. We’ve also been dancing during Indoor PE where we’ve learnt about mirroring and moving in canon.


Each Tuesday afternoon, our children experience our Cosmic curriculum.  See our Long Term plans to find out which topics are being covered each half-term.

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