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Year 5

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Our science topic this half term has been SPACE. So far, we have studied the planets and learnt the order of them. We have also begun looking at heliocentric and geocentric models, along with understanding the terms orbiting and rotating. This half term, we have linked our science learning to our art work and have been working on an art project for the past 6 weeks.

Our art project was to create a solar system using a variety of different artistic techniques. We learnt new skills in: drawing, painting, collaging and printing and began recording our learning journey in our new sketchbooks.

The planets were created using the following techniques:

  • The Sun – marbling
  • Mercury – sketching
  • Venus – paint
  • Earth – collaging
  • Mars – chalk
  • Jupiter – paint
  • Saturn – drawing
  • Uranus – painting
  • Neptune – marbling
  • Pluto – printing

We are excited to find out our art project for next half term and we are looking forward to applying our new learnt skills.

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Mayan Head Dresses

Mayan Head Dresses

On Monday 18th September the year 5 classes had a whole day focused on creating Maya head dresses relating to their topic on the Mayans. They had lots of different materials to use on the day and had to decide which Mayan god they wished to represent. The children followed a list of requirements which stated the things the head dress should have on it. It was great to see the children getting creative and end up with some great looking head dresses!

Here are some photographs of the finished art work they have created.

Maya Makers