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Before we forget SATs week altogether, we must say how amazing the children were.  They did everything we asked of them and we can honestly say that they couldn’t have been better – in any way.  We hope they feel an enormous sense of achievement…

And now, onto the really serious business of Year 6 – the summer production!  I’m sure you’re aware that this year’s show will be Mary Poppins.  We do hope that you’re not sick of the songs already.  As with everything this year, the children have approached this with enormous enthusiasm and maturity, and have made a fantastic start with rehearsals.  We are very excited by their potential and feel quite sure that they will put some very hard work in to produce an amazing end of year show.  July seems like a long way off but it’s actually precious little time to get such a big show up and running.  There will be lots more information on this coming your way soon – for now, just dig out those flat caps and chimney brushes!

Of course, lots of other things will be happening, too.  We have our trip to Portsmouth University coming up very soon after half term – letters will be coming to you shortly for this.  It’s a brilliant opportunity for the children to catch a glimpse of what university life is all about and what it could offer them.  Again, I know it seems a long way off but they’ll all be 18 before you know it.  In fact, lots of the first year group of children to make this trip (7 years ago) are off to university, for real, this September.  If our visit is enough to encourage just one child, then it’s completely worth it.

Have a great half term and, as always, if you need us for anything, just give us a shout.  We very much look forward to seeing you all for the end of year celebrations.

A quick reminder…

PSHE with Mr Dickinson / Outdoor Classroom with Miss T – Thursday afternoons Baboons and Dolphins to alternate weekly

Outdoor GamesWednesday afternoon

Indoor GamesEvery other Monday afternoon

Library TimeEvery other Monday afternoon


Important upcoming dates…

Portsmouth University Trip ~ Tuesday 12th June 2018

Freshers’ Week (Park Community and Havant Academy) ~ Monday 2nd July – Friday 6th July 2018

Mary Poppins – Summer Production ~ Wednesday 11th July 2018

Mary Poppins – Summer Production ~ Thursday 12th July 2018

Mary Poppins – Summer Production ~ Friday 13th July 2018

Summer Ball ~ Thursday 19th July 2018 (6:30pm – 9:30pm)

Paultons Park ~ Friday 20th July



The beginning of March always marks a special point in the calendar for Year 6 – the confirmation of secondary school places and the beginning of a thought that the children will be leaving us soon…

Hopefully the children have come home with their home workbooks and have shared them with you. Please let me reiterate that these are NOTHING to worry about – they are merely the opportunity for the children to do some further practice at home, and will ease them into the idea of homework, ready for Year 7. They seem very excited about them at moment, however – long may that continue…

Hard work is what we’re all about in the run up to the Easter holidays, and the children have already made a great start at this. We have some quite specific prep to be done so that we are ready for the SATs in May. It still sounds like a long way off but we actually have only 7 more working weeks until the big week itself. If the children carry on as they have worked this year, I’m sure they will all sail through it and come out the other side with an enormous sense of achievement!

Please keep an eye out for the Parents’ Evening letter that will be coming home shortly. It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible, even if it is just for a chat about the summer production and summer ball (not long now ). Hopefully there will be plenty of appointments for you to be able to choose something that suits. We will, of course, be in a strong position to be able to discuss the SATs as well as any worries you might have regarding secondary school.

There isn’t an awful lot happening for us before Easter – just same pretty focussed work towards our end goal. The children can get a little anxious at this time of year; a combination of SATs, new secondary schools to contemplate and, of course, the dreaded onset of hormones! We will be doing our best to help the children manage all these elements, so please don’t worry unnecessarily about them – a few emotional outbursts at this time of year is completely normal. As always, though, remember we are always here if you need to talk to us about anything.

We look forwards to seeing you at Parents’ Evening in a few weeks’ time – hopefully we will be closer to ‘flip-flop’ weather by then!

Miss Rogers, Mr Rugge and Mr Pollard.

Home Workbook pages for completion 08/03/2018 – 15/03/2018


Retrieving and Recording information p14-p19

Understanding non-fiction p38-p41


Statements, exclamations, commands and questions


Main clauses

Relative clauses

Sub and co conjunctions p22-p29


Multiplying by larger numbers

Square numbers

Short division

Long division

Prime numbers p17-p22

Merry Christmas

Well, what a busy half term we’ve had! I can hardly believe we’re wishing you a Merry Christmas, and talking about the spring term and the plans we’ve made.

The children have been completely faultless this autumn term and have worked harder than we could have imagined. Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of them – they certainly deserve a holiday!

As I’m sure you’ve heard, we’ve been reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo and studying World War I. The children have absolutely loved this topic and have done some amazing work. The discussions we’ve had have been very thought provoking; we have been continually impressed with the children’s insight and maturity. In light of their love for this book, we really hope that they enjoy their Christmas present from us all this year!

Next week will see us relax the structure a little, what with Christmas concerts to perform. In amongst the singing, we will turning our hand to our DT project for this term. I won’t spoil the surprise but, all being well, they should come home with what they have created next Thursday.

The spring term will certainly be another busy one but I have no doubt that the children will rise to the challenge – it will Easter before we know it and the evenings will be bright again.

That’s all for now – we look forward to seeing you next week at the concerts. Make sure you come over at the end and take lots of embarrassing photos of them – after all, it will be their last Christmas concert at primary school before they embark on the big wide world…hankies at the ready.

As always, you know where we are if you need us for anything at all.

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas – see you in the New Year.

Miss Rogers, Mr Rugge and Mr Pollard.

Welcome Back

Hello – Welcome back to school life and welcome to becoming a Year 6 parent, perhaps for the second or third time!

We are looking forward to another full-steam-ahead year and I know that the children are ‘buzzing’ for Year 6 and all that that involves. They have started really well and seem really keen to make a good impression and to have a really good, final year at Warren Park. We very much look forward to spending time with them as the year goes on…

We have already got stuck onto reading Skellig which I know the children are really enjoying. And alongside this, we are looking into Evolution and Inheritance for our science topic. It takes in some quite mind-blowing concepts but the children have had some brilliant ideas so far. We will also be covering some Geography before half term, and investigating the Scandinavian region, as well as some RE in the week before half term.

I know it seems a little early to be mentioning it, but your child’s secondary school application must be submitted by Tuesday 31st October. You will be contacted, via letter, by the County Council about the process – it’s all online now and very simple to complete. You now have the not so straightforward job of actually making the decision as to where you will send them when they leave us. To help you in this process, and to start preparing the children for this big step, there are a couple of things coming up to help…

All the Year 6 children have attended a presentation by Havant Academy and have spent a taster morning there as well. If they haven’t already told you, ask them how they got on. It might jog their memory! Following this, we will be taking the children to Park Community on Wednesday 20th September for a taster day – they will need to arrive at school no later than 8:30 as we will be walking them down at 8:35, ready for a 9am start. They will then be returned here by coach at about 1:30pm ready for a normal 3:15pm home time. It is really important that we start preparing the children for their move to secondary school as early as possible; it’s such a big change for them, so the sooner we prepare, the more ready they will be in July.

Thank you to those parents who dropped in to see us for a very informal parents’ evening this week – it’s always nice to see you and nice for you to see us as the ‘not so mean, fire-breathing dragons’ that the children sometimes complain we are! Finally and as always, Mr Pollard, Mr Rugge and I are always on hand if you have any queries, concerns…or you just fancy a chat sometime. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, however small you may consider your concern. See you soon…