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Year 6

Indoor PE Tuesday afternoon
Outdoor Games Friday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Thursday morning
Library Wednesday afternoon

Summer Term

Page updated 3rd May 2022

Easter Art Challenge

Summer Term Dates

 SATs Week

Monday 9th – Friday 13th May 2022

Transition Week

Monday 4th July – Friday 8th July 2022

Summer Production at Park Community Theatre

Wednesday 13th July – Friday 15th July – evenings

Summer Ball

Monday 18th July    6:30pm – 9:30pm

T-shirt signing (in school)

Tuesday 19th July

Paultons Park (non-school uniform)

Wednesday 20th July – return to school at 7pm

Late start for Year 6*

(non-school uniform)

10am – Thursday 21st July 2022

* We will be pleased to see the children arrive at 10am on the last day however, if this isn’t convenient, they will, of course, be welcome at normal time.

There will be plenty more details to follow for many of the events listed above, but we wanted to give you the dates in advance so that you can begin to make plans if you so wish.

Spring Term

Click here to view or download our Year 6 Top Tips Survival Guide

World Book Day

World Book Day was another great success and it was so lovely to see so many of the children dressed up.  Sometimes Year 6 children feel that they have outgrown the dressing up tradition but, I’m pleased to say, that this lot did not disappoint!  We had a wide variety of wizards and witches (no prizes for guessing where the inspiration came from there), heroes and villains, cats, rabbits and ‘Wallies’.  They were all brilliant.  We couldn’t mention costumes, though, without mentioning the homage paid to our current text Holes.  There were some fabulous Warden’s, cowboys, orange jumpsuits, moustaches…and even a bag of sunflower seeds!

Every child should have come home with their chosen book, as well as a World Book Day token that can be exchanged for another book in WHSmith or Tesco.

Top job, Year 6 – when we do things whole-heartedly, there really is nothing more we could wish for 😊

Chess Club

Year 6 Chess Club has been a HUGE success again this term!  We are 15 members strong and growing every week.  The children have been amazing at taking to this quite tricky game of strategy, and it is incredible to listen to them as they ‘do battle’ with one another.  When they are not locked in battle, the children have been brilliant teachers of the game – new members of the club are brought up to speed in no time.  They have shown great sportsmanship qualities during club time and we hope to run this again in the summer term.

If you have any old, unwanted chess sets lying around at home, there would be no better place for them than here, at school – we would receive them with open arms.  Many thanks.

Air Arena

Air Arena was superb last Friday – and certainly worth the wait.  With roughly 400 metres squared of space to bounce around in, and the place completely to ourselves, we made the most of duelling battles, 5 metre drops, dodgeball, basketball and LOTS of individual trampolines.  The children had an incredible time and have worked hard to earn that hour of pure fun.  It’s fair to say that everyone was tired out by lunchtime, and certainly ready for quiet weekend.  The children were fantastic as always, and the staff at Air Arena commented on their politeness and maturity – we couldn’t have been prouder of them.  And, so, whilst Mr Rugge nurses his bruised back (pride!) he sustained from the 5-metre drop, we look forward to the next well-earnt Reward Day which be upon us before we know it…

Secondary School

It came around quickly, didn’t it?!  The 1st of March and those secondary school place offers.  Don’t panic, though – there is still plenty of time left for the children to grow, mature and be ready for the next step.  There will be plenty in place, as the months progress, that will help the children transition smoothly, and there will be lots of work for us to do in making sure that the secondary schools have every detail about every child.  In the meantime, please don’t forget that you need to ACCEPT the place that you’ve been offered – even if you are hopeful of an alternative place that may become available elsewhere.

Air Arena Reward Trip

Following our rather unexpected ‘storm day’ which caused us to miss our trip to Air Arena, we have rebooked the reward for Friday 11th March.  The organisation of the day will run slightly differently, however.  We will be leaving school promptly for 9am and returning for lunchtime by midday.  This will mean that the children will be able to have an ordinary lunchtime in school.  If you ordered and paid for a school packed lunch for the original date, please give the office a call or pop in – they will be more than happy to reimburse you for the meal.  In every other instance, the trip will run exactly as we had intended before half term.

The Reward Points system continues and we will be planning our next reward trip for the final week before the Easter holidays.  As always, points will be based on good behaviour both in the classroom and, more notably, during break and lunchtimes; and effort and focus during lessons.  There will be a total of 87 points available for the children to earn and whilst we will, of course, continue to support them in making the right choices, we will be expecting everyone to reach the benchmark of 81 points in order to attend the trip.  Please have a chat with your children about how they are doing over the course of the next few weeks – they should be able to explain clearly where they stand and how things are going.

As always, we want to take all the children but we will be prepared to leave some behind this time if they do not rise to the new level of expectation.  We really do hope that ALL the children in Year 6 will earn enough points towards the next trip and we will give them EVERY opportunity to do so.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Many thanks for your continued support,

The Year 6 Team

Autumn Term

Christmas 2021 Video

1. ‘Twas A Night Before Christmas
2. Do They Know It’s Christmas?
3. Deck The Halls
4. It’s Christmas!
5. Somewhere Only We Know – Choir
6. Christmas Message
7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Choir

Sculpture – Climate Crisis!

The children have recently completed an art unit of work, exploring the theme of Climate Change.  We researched a well-known contemporary artist, David Callesen, who specialises in creating responsive sculptures from white paper.  During our skills practice, we had a go at replicating some of the techniques he uses with the idea that we may be able to incorporate some of them into our final piece.  We then looked at some Climate Crisis sculptures that had been created by local children and that were displayed at Winchester Cathedral.  Finally, we produced our own, individual pieces and worked hard to communicate the very important message:  there is still hope for the health and future of this planet if we all play our part!  We hope you enjoy the photographs of our sculptures.

This term, we are working with sculpture again.  But, this time we are excited to be doing some wire work.  Look out for the photographs of our workshop with Southampton Art Museum.  They will be coming to visit and create some sculpture with us on Friday 19th November.

Year 6 – Our first few weeks…

Although we’ve only been back for 3 weeks, we seem to have packed quite a lot into that time!  Here are a few of the things that we’ve been up to…

We have started our first text: it’s a magical tale about a boy who finds a winged creature at the bottom of his garden.  We have yet to discover if this creature is man, beast, angel or a mixture of all three.  The children are already enthralled with the story and are making great progress with their reading already…

Both the Baboons and Dolphins have also started a class reader – both of which are very different but both of which are proving to be very exciting.  Dolphins have started the Young Sherlock thriller Knife Edge whilst Baboons have started Time Travelling with a Hamster.

Reading at home has started well.  We are happy for them to read a wider range of texts at home and we will still acknowledge this so long as it is written into their logs.  Of course, longer novels are great but magazines, newspapers and even websites can all contribute so don’t be shy to jot these down, too.  Google Classroom is up and running, and there some great books available for you to read at home which will add to your enjoyment of Skellig.  Take a look!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the playground for our Reading Festival – it was such a great day!  The children had the opportunity to work with Chris Connaughton and some of them enjoyed his reading so much that they were able to buy the book, and have it signed by him.  Superb!

Alongside all that excitement around reading, we have been working ‘full steam ahead’ with lots of other subjects and topics as well.   Please ask the children what they have been up to as they have been full of questions and curiosity in our afternoon sessions.

Finally, an important reminder that Secondary School Open Evenings are just around the corner. The children had a really successful morning at Park Community School this week. Park were very impressed with them and they were certainly a credit to Warren Park and themselves.

Upcoming Open Evenings:

Park Community School – Wednesday 29th September 2021 – 18:00-20:00

Havant Academy – Wednesday 6th October 2021 – 17:00-19:00