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Year 6

Dear Parents and Year 6 Children,

We have now completed three weeks of online learning and I would like to begin by saying how proud we are of many of our Year 6 children.  We knew they had it in them to shape up as one of the best Year 6 teams we’ve ever had, and they have certainly risen to that expectation.  We are so impressed with what they achieved during these incredibly difficult times – and we would like to thank all those parents who have been there to support their children, and to nag them a little bit!

I can’t promise that the coming weeks will be any easier, but I hope that we’ve all come to accept a new ‘normal’ for now, and that the idea of ‘routine’ should be kicking in…

With this in mind, we have decided to restart our Reward Points system – both for the children we have in school and for everybody else at home.  We recognise how well most of the children are doing, and would like to make sure that those who are working so hard, are rewarded when we return to school.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had much luck with reward trips this year but we’re hoping that might change as we move into the summer term.  But, regardless of what we may be able to offer, we want to recognise those who are still working away tirelessly.

This is how it will work:

There will be a maximum of 3 points on offer during one day.  All the work that needs completing, day to day, will be on the weekly timetable.  Completing all English tasks (Reading & Writing) for the day will equal 1 point; Completing all elements of the Maths task will equal 1 point; and completing the wider curriculum task will equal 1 point.

There will be 5 points up for grabs every day as well.  These 5 points will be awarded to as many people as we feel have made a superb effort that day, or who have produced an outstanding piece of work.  We will keep track of the points here and we will share the spreadsheet on Google Classroom every Friday afternoon after 3pm so everybody will be able to keep track of how they are doing.

We hope that this will give the children an incentive to work towards, and also something that you can remind them of during the weeks ahead.

Just to remind you, you can catch us anytime from Monday – Friday between 9am – 3pm at:

Until then, look after each other and keep safe.

With our warmest regards,

Miss Rogers, Mr Rugge and Mr Pollard


Welcome back to Year 6

How lovely it is to be able to say welcome back!  We have to say that the children were nothing short of fantastic last week.  They settled in as if they’d never been away and we have no doubt that they will be a brilliant Year 6 team.

There are a few changes for this year that we’d like to let you know about:

  • Our outdoor PE afternoon is on a Friday. We would ask that the children wear their PE kits to school on that day, as we cannot store them here at the moment.  Their PE kit should consist of a pair of shorts whilst it’s warmer, and then a pair of tracksuit bottoms or leggings for colder months – preferably grey, black or blue if possible.   An ordinary school t-shirt and jumper will be fine for them to wear on the top.  We would ask that children do not wear jeans on PE days and that they avoid wearing a football kit as well.  Suitable trainers for PE should also be worn, too.  We would also ask that the children do not wear any jewellery on a Friday either as we have no means of keeping it all separate, nor can we cover earrings safely at the moment.
  • Sadly, we can no longer accept any birthday cake or sweets for distribution during the school day. We can also no longer allow the children to distribute birthday invites in school either. We ask that these things are dealt with outside of school for the time being. Please be assured that as soon as we are able to accept cake, we will most certainly let you know!
  • The children will soon be able to start bringing reading books home again. Please be assured that we will be working hard to make sure the children begin on a suitable book band colour, especially to encourage fluency and confidence having had such a long break.  These bands will be under regular review so don’t be surprised if they seem to move quite quickly through the colours this term!  We ask that reading records come in only once a week, on a Friday, when they will be checked and signed off in the normal way.
  • Year 6 COSMIC time will be on a Thursday afternoon. The team are no longer able to provide coats or welly boots.  Please ensure that children come in suitable shoes and have warm coats and jumpers on as the days become colder.  The children will be directed away from the mud and will not be going out in heavy rain, but please only allow them to wear shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit messy.

The children have already shown us how mature and resilient they can be, and we feel very lucky to have such a lovely group of Year 6 children to help us cope with the changes.  Let’s hope that school life will be able to return to normal over the course of this year, and that we will all be able to fully enjoy every aspect of Year 6 life at Warren Park.

Until then, please be assured that we are still the same as we’ve always been in Year 6 – work hard; play hard…as one team!  Don’t hesitate to give us a call if there is anything you wish to discuss.

Take care,

Miss Rogers, Mr Rugge and Mr Pollard.

Secondary School Applications

School admission procedures for secondary school 2021

Parents can now apply online at

from 14th September – midnight 31st October 2020.

Notification date will be 1st March 2021.

Parents can either apply online or request an application form from the school office.  Parents can now name 4 preferences instead of 3 for this round only.

Welcome to Year 6

Hi Year 6 Team 😊

So, you’ve finally made it and now you are the oldest children in the school, and have all the privileges that come along with that.  We hope you are ready for your best year yet at Warren Park!  There is lots of work to do but we also have some really special memories to make along the way.  So, fine tune those listening ears, wake up those thinking skills and be prepared to show us that you can be the best Year 6 team we could hope for.  We are so excited to get started…!

Miss Rogers, Mr Rugge, Mr Pollard, Mrs Eggby and Miss Kelsey.


Firstly, we would like to say how lucky we feel to be able to teach your children for their last year at Warren Park – it really is a special year. We will do our best to make sure that their time in Year 6 is both challenging and enjoyable, and we hope that by the time they leave us in July, they will have many special memories to take with them.

Please click here to view or download our Year 6 Parents Leaflet

Home Reading

Reading is still of high importance in Year 6 and the children will continue to bring home a book of their choice from the reading rainbow. We ask that they read a minimum of 3 times a week at home. Please be assured that we are constantly re-evaluating the children’s abilities, and that they will be reading at a level that we feel promotes maximum progress whilst still giving them opportunity to enjoy the magic of storytelling.

English and Maths

Lessons will be taught in 3 groups, every morning. The children may move groups from time to time as we progress through the year. Both Baboon and Dolphin classes will be taught by all 3 of the teachers so that we can get to know them equally, and to reinforce the idea that we are one team in Year 6.

Topics for the Autumn Term

Science – Evolution and Inheritance; Animals and Humans
Geography – Explore Scandinavia
History – The Horses of WWI
DT – Christmas Stockings
Alongside Art, Music, Spanish, RE and PE

Texts studied during the Autumn Term

Our main text between now and half term will be Skellig by David Almond. It is a magical tale about a boy who finds a strange beast his garage. To support this text, we will be looking at some other writing by David Almond as well as a classic poem, The Schoolboy, written by William Blake.
After half term we will tackle the epic story, War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. This will sit alongside our history topic and help the children to gain a deep understanding of this time. We will support this text with other literature written about WWI, as well as studying some of the poems by Wilfred Owen.

Home Learning

As always, home reading remains vitally important to success in Year 6. However, in Year 6, we are happy for them to read a wider range of texts at home and we will still acknowledge this so long as it is written into their logs. Of course, longer novels are great but magazines, newspapers and even websites can all contribute so don’t be shy to jot these down, too.
Ideally, the children should be fluent in all their times tables by the time they reach Year 6 but we realise that they can get rusty! Practise at home – little and often – is a great way of keeping them fresh, which will help the children greatly when they are presented with both difficult problems and a time limit.
Later in the year, after Christmas, the children will also be given a pack of revision materials alongside some login details for some revision websites. These materials will be solely for their use at home and will support them in drawing together all of their skills and knowledge, gained during their time in the juniors. We will direct the children to the specific pieces that we would like them to have a go at, week by week, as we move towards SATs and Year 7. The onus will then lie with them in managing their time to complete the tasks.

PE Kit

Friday afternoon is our outdoor PE time. We would ask that the children keep their jewellery to a minimum at all times, but especially on PE days.

Secondary Schools

I know it seems a little early to be mentioning it, but your child’s secondary school application must be submitted by the end of October. You will be contacted, via letter, by the County Council about the process – it’s all online now and very simple to complete. You now have the not so straightforward job of actually making the decision as to where you will send them when they leave us. To help you in this process, the secondary schools usually hold a series of open evening events. With things as they stand at the moment, this will obviously look a bit different this year. We have some good links with out local secondary schools and we will make sure that you are the first to know, should there transition events available in the Autumn term.
Over the past few years, we have had our children move on to many local secondaries. Schools you may wish to consider are: Park Community School, Havant Academy, Crookhorn College, Oaklands RC School, Warblington School, The Cowlplain Secondary & The Petersfield School. This is certainly not the complete list of schools in and around the area. The Hampshire County Council website will provide you with further options should you require something different.


Our ethos in Year 6 is very much centred on ‘the team’. We do the great things together, we do the good things together, and we get the hard work done together. Yes, there will be tough times when things get difficult – but there will also be some truly amazing times that will make life-long memories to cherish…
Finally, and as always, we are on hand if you have any queries, concerns…or you just fancy a chat sometime. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, however small you may consider your concern. See you soon…

Key Dates

SATs Week: Monday 10th May – Friday 14th May 2021

(Please don’t book any holidays for this week!)

We very much hope that by July 2021, we will be able to offer the Year 6 children everything that makes leaving Warren Park such a special Summer Term. As soon as we get the go ahead and we have some firm dates for these events, we will let you know.

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