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Year R

Indoor PE Tuesday morning
Outdoor Games Monday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Thursday morning
Library Thursday afternoon

Summer Term

Page updated 26th May 2023

Sentence Writing

We have been working really hard on our sentence writing. The children have been practising every day, using whiteboards to create their own sentences. We have been so impressed with the progress that the children have made, and it has been so nice to see their proud faces!

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Spring Term

Staunton Farm Trip

The children had such a lovely time on their trip to the farm.

They were able to meet some llamas, goats, pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, donkeys, sheep, rheas, cows and a turkey. The children really enjoyed feeding some of these animals, and having the opportunity to see the animals up close.

Art – Printing

This week we have been learning about printing. We have explored different techniques to make prints. We have used paints, sponges and objects from outside and around the classroom to create prints of different shapes and sizes. The children used pine cones, shells, conkers, trucks, dinosaurs, lego bricks, wheels and their own fingers! We talked about what happens when we use too much paint or not enough paint. We also anticipated what sort of shape we thought our objects would create – some of our prints surprised us!

Science – Growing and Planting

This half term our science learning has been all about plants and growing. We have looked at different types of plants, and talked about the parts of a plant and their uses: the flower, stem, leaves and roots. The children have all planted their own sunflower seed, and we have been monitoring our plants to watch our seeds turn into seedlings. The children have enjoyed helping the plants to grow using sunlight and water.


This week we have been learning about history. We have been exploring Nursery Rhymes to help us investigate old artefacts. We have made comparisons between things from the past and things we use now.

We have looked at Mary Had a Little Lamb, Polly Put the Kettle On, Wee Willie Winkie and Jack & Jill.

The children have enjoyed exploring different artefacts from the past such as vinegar and brown paper, candlesticks, cast iron kettles, nightgowns and lanterns.

World Book Day

It was so lovely to see the children embracing World Book Day celebrations at school. We all came into school dressed in our cosy pyjamas and children were able to share their favourite bedtime story with their friends. We loved hosting our Reading Café, and it was a delight to watch all the children reading books and sharing stories with their parents and adults.

Design & Technology

Following our clay creations of animals, we then talked about where our animals might live.
We have discussed the word habitat and what it means. We then thought about how we could create our own habitat out of recycled materials in the classroom. How could we attach each part? What could we use to represent a desert, a jungle or an arctic tundra?

To create a habitat for their animals, the children used junk modelling resources to put together an appropriate habitat. We thought about what our animals might like in their home, and whether they would live somewhere hot or cold.

In COSMIC Outdoor Classroom, the children have extended their learning by practising and developing design and technology skills. The classes worked together to figure out the use of different materials and tools.



We have been learning about Computing.

We have been using BeeBots to begin to understand simple programming. We have used basic computing commands to make our BeeBots move around the classroom and through, under and around some constructions we have made.

The children have loved using the BeeBots! They have been asking to use them in their Discovery Time and creating their own constructions and tracks for their BeeBots independently.

Geography – Hot & Cold Climates

This week the children have explored maps, countries and hot and cold climates.
They have been able to describe the differences between hot and cold climates, and also identify some animals that would live in each climate. We can explain how we know a climate is hot or cold by describing what we can see.

We created our own hot or cold climates by using different creative materials. We thought cotton wool, silver card and white paper would be good materials to represent cold climates. We thought that yellow tissue paper, yellow sand and orange pipe cleaners would be good materials to represent hot climates.

Clay Modelling

In art this week, we have been exploring clay as a medium for creating sculptures and models. We have looked at images of different sculptures and discussed what they are made from, and how they might have been made.

During this week we have practised our modelling skills, working on shaping and moulding clay to create various shapes. We used our new skills to create our own Curious Creatures.

We used our knowledge of hot and cold climates to talk about our animals and where they would live.

Autumn Term

Poppy Day

Last week we discussed Remembrance Day in Year R and talked about what it means and why it is important. The children spent time creating playdough poppies, finger-painted poppies and decorating our giant classroom poppy.


The children have settled so well into school life in Year R. We have been really impressed by their determination, independence and excitement for learning this term!