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Year R

Indoor PE Tuesday morning
Outdoor Games Wednesday afternoon
PPA/COSMIC Thursday morning
Library Monday afternoon

Spring Term

Page updated 1st April 2022

Year R have been having so much fun this Half Term.

World Book Day

We had such a fun day learning that day all dressed up for World Book Day.

Maths at school

We have been consolidating our number knowledge from numbers 1-15.  We have been looking at lots of number problems and our methods to get an answer to a maths sentence.  We have been exploring and using resources to help with our learning.

The above pictures are from our very practical learning of ‘Doubling and Halving’.

Phonics at School

We have been learning lots of lovely Phonics and we have been applying all our knowledge of our sounds that we know and are now beginning to write sentences!

Trip to the Farm!

We had a really fun time at the Farm.   We got to feed the animals their special food.   At school we learnt about the animal names and what the baby names are called for the animals.


During Science Learning we have been looking at Curious Creatures and their Habitats.  First we talked about Curious Creatures and learnt a little bit about our curiosity on animals and creatures.   Then we learnt about how they lived and where they lived.  We talked about Climates for the Creatures and Animals.   Finally we made our own Curious Creature out of clay and then we made its habitat.   All the time thinking about where would ‘our curious creature like to live and why’?

Extra Curriculum Learning in Science

We have been looking at planting and growing. The children have an enriched learning environment to support their learning. We have created a giant beanstalk in the classroom and discussed what it needs to grow – water, air, sunlight and warmth. We are growing our own plants and looking at different seeds, plus many more fun learning opportunities.

Online Learning Links

These topic links will take you to various lessons and videos provided by Oak Academy.

Knowledge and understanding of the word

Hot and cold

Animals on the farm


Polar habitats


Addition and Subtraction within 10

Christmas 2021 Video

1. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
2. Little Donkey
3. It’s Christmas!
4. Somewhere Only We Know – Choir
5. Christmas Message
6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Choir

Reception Singing Concert

Due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to allow parents to come and watch our Reception Childrens’ Singing Concert.

We were, however, able to record it for you to watch.


We have been very busy in Maths exploring numbers 1-5.

We have been practicing, counting, ordering, matching, writing and solving problems using these numbers.


In science we have been looking at our bodies identifying parts of our bodies e.g ankle, wrist, hips, shoulders and elbows. We have talked about our bone skeleton and why it is important.

We also explored our 5 senses: taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch. We participated in small experiments where we had to solely rely on one of our senses.

The children had great fun being blindfolded whilst tasting and smelling foods, touching hidden objects and listening to sounds in the environment.


This term the children have been learning about Yoga. They have had great fun exploring different ways to stretch, bend and move their bodies. They have also learnt the importance of warming up and cooling down our bodies.

First Few Weeks

We have been very proud of how the children have settled in to our school. They have established the school routines and enjoy the opportunities to learn alongside their friends. We have been busy learning new things and settling into our new classrooms.


The children have been loving staying for school dinner. Its been great to watch them grow in confidence and independence during this time. Teachers and kitchen helpers are always on standby should they be needed.

Last week we focused on Art.

We explored mark making, drawing lines and circles.

We then used mirrors and studied our faces and talked about our facial features. We discussed similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends. We then drew our own faces trying to include all of our features we noticed.

Lastly we added colour to our faces focusing on our skin colour, hair colour and eye colour.

Understanding the world

History Week 3

This week our wider curriculum topic for History is Ourselves. We have been looking at pictures of ourselves as a baby. Then we compared the pictures from the past and thought about how we have changed. We thought about what we can do now but couldn’t do as a baby. We looked at pictures of a person from a baby, toddler, teenager and adult and we put these in order. We reflected on things we needed and used as a baby and things we use now (bottles, cups, nappies, pants, etc.)

It was really great to see the children’s baby pictures and for them to reflect how they had changed.

Ben “Look I didn’t have any teeth, I have teeth now”

Isabella “My hair has grown”

Geography Week 4

This term we have been focusing on learning about our new classroom and school environment.

We have been exploring the areas within our classroom and what we can do in these areas. We have been also been learning about the important people at school who will help us.

This week we took a look at the wider school and we went on an adventure to locate 6 important places/ rooms we may need to visit whilst at school. These rooms include; Mrs Cooper’s office, the school office, the hall, the medical room, the Boulter Building and the library. The children had the opportunity to look at pictures and match equipment they might expect to find in these areas before we set off on our adventure. Unfortunately, some of our monster phonics characters had also escaped from our classroom. The children then had to go on adventure around our school and locate where these rooms are. They also had to keep an eye out for these monsters as we thought they may be looking for these special rooms too. The children had great fun exploring their new school and showed real confidence and determination to find all the rooms.

Monster Phonics

Monster Phonics is a whole-class systematic synthetic phonic scheme with decodable books for children in Reception and Key Stage 1.


Monster Phonics teaches children to read by enabling them to identify the individual graphemes (letter combinations) and blend the sounds (phonemes) together to read the word. It is a fun way to teach phonics, since it is multi-sensory. Sounds are categorised into ten colour groups, and each colour has a corresponding monster character. Monster Phonics is a highly advanced multi-sensory scheme. This creates interest and engagement from the children.

Now let’s meet the Monsters

This term your child has been full immersed in this fantastic phonics program. They have explored some of the monsters and during guided reading they have had the opportunity to look at the Monster Phonics decodable books. During this term the children have already been taking home new phonic sounds they have learnt aa well as high frequency words we have been learning in school. Here is a list of key sounds and words your child will be bringing home:

Sounds Taught

Key words

Week 1 & 2

Staggered start and settling in to Reception

Week 3

s, a, t, p a, at, as

Week 4

i, n is, it, in, I, an

Week 5

m, d, g am, and, dad

Week 6

o, c, k, ck to, into, no, go the

Week 7

e, u, r get, can, got, on, dog, not, cat

We have enjoyed getting to know the monsters.

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