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Year R

Don’t Forget…

In Reception we have settled back quickly into the learning after half term and it is great to see the children happy and excited to be learning new things.


On Wednesday it was Halloween and the children had the opportunity to come into school in fancy dress. The outfits were scary and the children couldn’t wait to get on with some spooky fun. Throughout the day we had many different activities for the children to choose from including, play-dough challenges and spooky surprizes and many more activities. In the afternoon we had a Halloween party and all the children joined in with party games and ate delicious treats.

Phase 2 Letters

This week we have started to learn our phase 2 letter sounds. We have put together a few videos demonstrating the sounds along with the action to each letter so you can have a go yourselves. This week we have learnt 6 new sounds (s,a,t,p,i,n) with these sounds you can make words here is a list of words you can make:

at, in, it, an, sat, pat, tin, pin, nap, tap, tan, pan.

Please help your child to sound out these words and it would be nice to see them beginning to write these letters too.

Here are some fun computer games you can play to help your child learn these letter sounds.

Funky Fingers

Funky fingers

We have been working really hard in Funky Fingers and our gross and fine motor skills are really coming along nicely. Every day we do Funky Fingers for 20 minutes and we love finding out what challenge we have today, whether it is attaching paper clips, making patterns on the peg boards, moulding playdough or threading cheerios onto spaghetti.



This half term we have been learning all about space (as I’m sure you’ve heard!) We have had an opportunity to explore and investigate space in many different ways from chalk drawings to making our own rockets and making our own split pin astronauts. We have also learnt a rather catchy tune all about the different planets (you may have even heard it)

Making new friends

Making new friends

We have had so much fun this half term making lots of new friends. We have been really enjoying ourselves playing in our new school. We have explored what a good friend is and how to be a good friend.