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Adopted Pigeon – Summer Update

Over the Summer holiday Pidge, (as he is known now), started to grow up really fast. First, he started to eat bird seed on his own, picking out his favourite morsels. He had also begun roosting at night. He refused the chick food and advanced to eating peanuts as well. Occasionally he would come and land on my shoulder and wait for me to offer him some treats of fruit. He was still very verbal at this point and made it quite clear if he was hungry.

His features were slowly changing too. His beak got thinner with more of a point on the tip, his feet changed colour and became pinker and his feathers were strong and really colourful.

Then gradually he came in less and less until eventually I only saw him if he came in for a drink or a wash in the bird bath.

This Pidgeon was very lucky to have had children and adults to rescue it from such a bad situation. I feel honoured to have spent time being able to see this bird grow up and be able to live, as he should, in the wild.