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Adopted Pigeon

The 1st of July saw the devastation that the high winds had caused. One of the problems involved nests falling out of the trees. We had a pigeon nest that was totally demolished and a chick was on the floor. Unfortunately, an adult pigeon will abandon a demolished nest and its chicks. So, thanks to the dinner ladies and some children who formed a circle to protect the chick, we were able to rescue it and I, Mrs. Jeal, has taken it home to care for it.

Luckily, l have an empty hedgehog house, so I filled it with hay and nestled him in there. The chick is a nestling and still needs his mother to feed him, to replicate this I use a rubber glove with a slot cut in and place this over a glass with chick crumbs in it. He is feeding really well and is starting to develop his feathers.

I will do regular updates on the website and, hopefully we will watch him develop into a full grown pigeon together.