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After Lockdown

After 6 months of COSMIC being locked down, it is fantastic to be back offering the children the opportunity to be outside learning again. This half term the objective is to make sure the children feel good about being back in school and to make plans and goals for the future.

This week has been all about going over the skills and mind set we need to take part in p4c and cosmic.

We had 3 activities that the children rotated around.

Our p4c activities revolved around the children being able to discuss their thoughts and feelings concerning the lock down.

This was done using our light bulb words as a starting point, giving every child the opportunity to join in or, if necessary, just listen to their class mates. After discussion we had a focussed but fun activity to finish on.

Did you learn anything about yourself?

How do you fell now you are back at school?

Our SEMH activities were based on problem solving and making plans and decisions concerning the outside classroom.

Putting on kit and leaving the classroom tidy can be a problem, so the children were timed and judged on this activity.

How did you do?

Did you work as a team?

What boot size are you?

This was followed by a problem-solving activity outside.

Were you able to solve the problem as a team?

Are you the person who instructs others or are you the listener who can then follow the instructions and contribute that way?

Would you challenge another person’s idea?

The cosmic grounds and rules were revisited with the children walking around the site. First, they were reminded of the rules for outside. Then they made predictions about what they might see as it is still Spring. After the walkaround it was time to assess what they had noticed. Anything that had been missed from their predictions was addressed and then the children drew upon their observations, which were:

The blossom of the apple trees and cherry trees is very similar, so they used other observations to identify the tree.

Can you give two ways to identify if it is an apple tree or cherry tree?

The children would like to monitor the trees so they can follow the changes.

There were a few areas the children felt had overgrown and they want to clear back and have use of once again. The volcano was definitely an area the children missed using.

The roundhouse sadly has had some vandalism. The children are very disappointed and would like the structure to be repurposed.

It is also time to start thinking ahead for our planting in the summer and getting the veg beds sorted.

Finally, the last job was map out the changes/jobs we may need for summer projects.

What are you looking forward to the most during your cosmic time?

Which job would you like to be involved in?

Don’t forget it is your classroom so any ideas or suggestions you may have please share with the cosmic team.

Our first week back as a cosmic team has been fantastic, we have all thoroughly enjoyed seeing you again and catching up.