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Animal Observation


What is eating what?

Year1/2 objective was to prove that animals eat other animals.

The children were given information on how animals need food to survive and energy to move, how different animals eat different foods. This led to the children sharing their pre- learned knowledge regarding predators and prey. They also showed good understanding of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

What is a carnivore?

Can you name something that is a herbivore?

What is an omnivore?

How many ways can you think of that prey can hide or escape from predators?

In small groups the children had to come up with a statement that they could prove, with evidence from the outside classroom such as, we can prove animals eat other animals because we know spiders eat flies.

After going around the grounds to find the proof they came back together to match the evidence with their statement.

What evidence did you find?

Did you need to change your statement?


Year3 / 4 to investigate the food available for animals and humans in the outside classroom.

This discussion was about animals and humans needing a variety of foods to help them grow and survive. The focus was the main food groups.

Can you name the missing food group?

Meat, fruit and veg, dairy, fat and…

Each food group contribute to provide the body with a balanced diet.

Which food group do these belong to?



Insulation and energy

Minerals, vitamins and fibre.

After investigating available food on the grounds. The children came back together to discuss their findings and give a conclusion, as to whether humans could survive in the OC and what animals would they expect to find. Their conclusions were also based on their prior knowledge they had about predators and prey, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Year5/6 If we had to live on food only available in the outside classroom would we survive?

We talked about the fact that different animals and humans require different foods to survive. Humans need a balanced diet to remain healthy but the healthy diet depends on the type of activities the humans do.

Why is meat important to a weight lifter?

Which food group gives you long of bursts energy?

We discussed how the nutrients in food have to get to every part of the body.

What transports the nutrients around the body?

Digestion gets the food to dissolve in the blood otherwise it cannot enter the blood and be transported.

What job do our teeth do?

Where does the oesophagus push the food?

We had a group discussion about their findings and the children were questioned to further their understanding of food groups and balanced diets.

Each year group finished the session making hedgehog apples.

What animals would the hedgehog apples feed?