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Art & Design 2

Following on from the art and design techniques practised last week, each year group used this week to put their skills to good use.

Back in the Autumn’21 each child produced a piece of work from the fabric and collage session. For this session they had photocopies of their work which, using their skills, were enhanced with leaf prints and designs. All children had the opportunity to take their actual piece of collage home.

KS1: could choose to print straight onto the photocopy of their work or print leaves on various papers and glue them on. They were then able to use whatever technique they wanted to decorate the pages in their art book. The second activity was to use the material they had hammered a pattern on last week and print some leaf patterns onto it using felt pen and leaves.

Which technique did you prefer?

What else could you use to print with?

Were you happy with your finished project.

KS2: used the collage piece as a canvas to add extra design. They could use material to print leaves on or various papers. They then used double sided tape to attach to the collage. The children also had the opportunity to use material cutting scissors, which proved a challenge in itself for a lot of the children!!!

What is different about these scissors in comparison to paper cutting ones?

What else would you like to add to your project?

All the children had an ideal opportunity to use their creative imagination and produce something unique to them.