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Artistic Activities

Children always amaze us with their flair for art. We offered them the opportunity to experience 5 different ways to express themselves.
Weaving: the looms were hand made using recycled wooden and plastic rulers. The adult modelled how to use the loom, the children then had a go and found their own way to use the loom and weave.
We have used quite a few different ways of weaving, which method do you prefer?
Sculpture: using available materials on the ground and lots of imagination this activity showed a lot of different variations, there were tall jenga style towers, 2D pictures of animals and 3D structures.
Clay: thinking about what we see on our grounds, insects and bugs were the theme for the modelling. We had some beautiful butterflies, snails, worms and wasps to name just a few.
Have you a favourite insect?
Rustic twig stars: putting 2 triangles made from twigs to make a star, the children could then decorate them with beads and wool and natural materials.
Did you hang your star up or take it home?
Watercolour: building on previous learning the objective of this activity was to create a representation of a landscape. Choosing an area to paint they settled down and produced some lovely, well observed paintings.
Can you remember what the difference is between painting and watercolours?