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Boundaries and Respect

PSHE Relationships

This session enabled the children to get an understanding of their boundaries and respect with regard to themselves and other people.

The session began with a p4c activity followed by a relationship discussion. After this the children took part in activities that encouraged them to think about where respect is being shown and what they are doing to show respect.

Yr1/2: identified the people who love and care for them. They discussed what these people do to help them feel cared for. We also discussed the importance of having someone to talk to if they feel unhappy or worried.

What does respect mean?

Who are the people in your life?

What would you do if you are unhappy or worried?

Yr3/4: discussed caring relationships and how that is a feature of positive family life; the different ways people care for one another. To recognise if family relationships are making them unhappy or feeling unsafe, and how to seek help or advise.

Why do we need to show respect?

How do you feel if someone does not show respect?

What would you do if someone does something you don’t like?

Yr5/6:   discussed what constitutes a positive relationship and how the same principles

apply to online friendships as to face to face relationships.

Whose responsibility is it for how people act towards other people?

What is consent?

Who would you go to for help or advice?

There were 4 activities. The children split into 4 groups, they took part in 2 activities this session then will do the other 2 activities next session.

Tidy up debris/woodland.

Round house repairs/pallet deconstruction.

Design a game

Build a structure.

How did you show respect in your activity?

How did your activity make you feel?

Can you explain your activity to someone else?