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Bug Homes & Insect Investigation

Should we be responsible for looking after the outside classroom? This was the question the children had to think about and then go and find evidence to support their answer. They were given key facts to help them distinguish between manmade and natural. They then went in search of their evidence.

Is the outside classroom manmade or natural?

Why have you given that answer?

The children searched in all nooks and crannies to find bugs and insects. Under fallen branches, in holes in the trunk of trees, under leaves and in the soil.

What was found?

One group found a shield bug tucked away inside a hole in a tree. Others found slug eggs, slugs, worms and woodlice.

We also had a load of bark chips to distribute so the children covered the really boggy areas around Apple Valley and our new bulbs coming into view. The bark is a fantastic source of food and nutrients for lots of different creatures and plants.

Can you think what the bark may encourage?

Name 4 animals in a food chain starting with the bark chips.