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PSHE: Bullying

In our Autumn1 session of bullying, the children discussed types of teasing/bullying. They were given opportunities to think and discuss strategies to resist teasing/bullying. They were asked how they can contribute to the life in the classroom and school. Also, what is bullying? How can you distinguish whether it is a disagreement or bullying? These are just a few points raised, but using this previous learning the Autumn 2 session created discussion on motivations and consequences of bullying, this was generated from an activity. The activity involved getting into small groups and having a section from a storyline of eight sections. They had to create two freeze frames for their section. Then after practising their section the storyline was put in its correct order and performed in front of each other.

Who would you go to for help or support?

How would you identify unkind behaviour?

What is your understanding of bullying and teasing?