Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .

Bush Crafts

This was the first opportunity for the reception children to experience a real fire with the Cosmic team. The fire had been made in a small pit which was roped off in Bluebell wood. The objective centred on the safety precautions and rules that are applied for an activity of this nature.

Can you explain to an adult what Stop…..Drop and roll is?

The children then helped to collect sticks, remembering not to run or go and stand directly in the path of the smoke.

Year2 and key stage 2 were introduced to the skill of starting a fire using a bow, a drill, a plank and a block.

Which part did what job?

Can you name the scientific word for the action that enables the wood to heat up?

As activities go this is one of the hardest to get a result for.

What emotions did you feel?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your resilience?

As well as testing their resilience outside, the activity inside the classroom tested their dexterity.

They had to make their own bow. This included finding a good shaped piece of wood, measuring the length of string to fit their bow, then being able to tie knots that did not loosen easily.

Was your bow successful if you got to try it out?

How is a bow that fires arrows different to a bow that helps to start fires?