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C.O.S.M.I.C. Launch

This autumn term saw the beginning of an exciting new collaboration between Outdoor Classroom and P.H.S.E. This will be known as COSMIC. We will cover Creative, Outdoor, Social, Mind-set, Inspiring and Culture challenges.

Our first activity involves splitting into groups and taking part in pupil voice. This is an opportunity for children to voice opinions, concerns or just ask questions on a given subject from our British values. The focus is to learn communicating skills and respect for each other through child led discussion and listening.

Carrying on the communication theme we had a range of team building challenges. This encouraged sharing ideas, talking about options, thinking about others in the team and in some cases letting someone else’s suggestion be used!!

Then we went foraging….. With all 60 children per year group. We collected rosehips, sloes and blackberries. They were taught the rules for foraging and the dangers of picking stuff they are unsure of. The children walked in pairs and showed respect for any members of the public that we met on the way. They learnt how to cross the road sensibly and safely. Well done to all the children, they were awesome.