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Compost & Recycling

Key stage 1: using identification and evidence gathering, the children were gaining knowledge to be able to describe similarities and differences between organisms, habitats and objects.  To explore the requirements of plants for life and growth.

Unfortunately for year 1 the weather had us having to stay indoors. They each chose a daisy to help them understand the basic structure of a common flowering plant. After labelling the parts the children dissected the daisy so they could have a really close look at the whole plant. We then followed on with a p4c game to clarify their knowledge.

What do the roots do?

Why are the petals necessary?

Which part of the plant gives it food?

How do the bees use the plant?

The children also had an opportunity to dig up the soil and look for animal life living it.

What did you find?

How many different worms were there?

Finally, they explored the contents of the compost bin and how worms recycle, which led into a discussion about how waste is recycled and how plastic impacts the environment.

How can plastic be recycled?

What is your opinion about the impact on the environment?

Key stage 2 used previous knowledge to clarify their understanding of plants and the requirements they need. Using this knowledge, we then discussed how the environment can change naturally or via human impact and how change affects different living things in different ways.

Can you say which job each part of the plant has?






What is blossom?