Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


Following our foraging week we embarked on the cooking of our bounty. The berries were used to make a jelly. Mixing 150ml boiling water to a jelly granule packet then topping this up with 150ml of the strained berry juice the children then had to decide for themselves how much sugar needed to be added. This activity allowed the children to think about the calories used when foraging balanced with the calories added with the sugar. We discussed the exercise involved while walking to the fields and options of healthy snacks and balanced meals and making good life choices.

This cooking section was the ideal opportunity to prepare our veg ready to make some soup. The correct use of a knife was modelled to the children who then peeled and cut up a variety of veg including tomatoes, leeks, carrots, turnips and parsnips. Once prepared it was taken over to Mushroom wood where there was a fire pit with a big cooking pot on it ready to cook and make soup.