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Cyber Safeguarding

Internet safety is an important lesson that the children need to be aware of. Most devices such as phones, smartwatches, i-pads, laptops, x box and play stations to name just a few, are part of their daily life and is something that, to the children, is the norm.

Key stage 1 worked in small groups using discussions, activities and personal experiences to gain a better understanding of how the internet works.

What is the internet used for?

Can you give at least 4 things that is your personal information?

Do you trust and believe everything on the internet?

Key stage 2 were introduced to the founder of online safety uk, Lee Haywood.  Lee gave each year group an informative and age appropriate session about keeping themselves safe when online.

What did you learn about that you never knew before?

Will you change how you use the internet?

Who would you go to if you are unsure about anything online?

How can you tell if a video is real and verified?

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