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Design and Technology

This week the children have experienced how to prepare and cook fruit and vegetables that have been grown on the outdoor classroom grounds and vegetable beds.


Year1&2: the children were introduced to the basic of hygiene and safety when preparing/eating food. One activity involved washing up and drying equipment that was to be used for the food preparation activity.

How did you organise the different jobs that needed to be done?

Which job did you prefer?

Which job would you not want to do again?

Another skill the children learnt was to use a knife safely while cutting and preparing some fruit.

How did you feel using a sharp knife?

Can you give 2 rules when using a knife?

The third activity allowed the children to experience cooking bread over an open fire. Then came the best bit…. eating the bread.

Did you like the taste of the bread?

Can you recall the 3 instructions if someone had caught on fire?

Who do you call and ask for in a fire emergency?

Years 3, 4, ,5 and 6 have done cooking before and were introduced to the basic of hygiene and safety when preparing/ eating food.

Year 3 experienced cutting skills and were given choices to use appropriate utensils for different jobs.

What utensil did you use to scrape the pips out of the pumpkin?

Would you use this utensil to cut a piece of apple?

Years 4, 5, and 6 built on their previous learning about food preparation, using their skills to further their knowledge by following a bread recipe and measuring ingredients to make the bread.

What is kneading?

Why do we knead the dough?

What is measured in ml?

Did you read the scales correctly when you first looked?

Can you recall the usual mistake made?

Did you enjoy the bread that you had made?

Can you elaborate on your answer?

How did you cook the dough?

Can you give at least 4 rules for when you are near an open fire?