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Fabric and Collage

This week we are looking at four artists and using their pictures to produce a collage. Strips of material are placed on a square piece of interfacing to show the children’s interpretation of their favourite picture.

Miss Tester showed a tutorial of the different stages and how to do them.

Which picture did you choose?

Can you remember the artist’s name?

The cutting of material is a skill that needs to be practised.

How did you find this task?

Can you recall some of the methods that help make this task easier?

Key stage 1 glued their strips on whereas key stage 2 ironed the interfacing.

Why did the interfacing need to be ironed?

Once the strips were fixed extra bits of material was added to enhance the texture.

Key stage 2 were shown how to do couching. Using a threaded needle, the extra ribbon or wool was attached.

What is couching?


We also discussed how diverse art can be. The Tate have a Christmas tree every year designed by a different artist.

Tacita Dean had a traditional tree with real life candles.

Fiona Banner used two real planes hung in the gallery and model ones on her tree.

Gary Hume perched blackbirds on his tree.

Richard Wentworth hung broken plates and light bulbs from the branches of his tree.

Which one did you like?

Why did you like that one?

What would you hang on your tree if it was going to be on show?