Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


Diversity, families and relationships.

This week in COSMIC we have been exploring different families through song, video and discussions. Also, understanding that some families may look different but are characterised by love and should be treated with respect.

We watched watch some fun videos about different families.

What’s the first word that pops into your head when you think about your family?

• What did you notice about the families in the video?

• How are any of these families different to your family?

• How are any of these families similar to your family?

• What do they mean when they say ‘love is love’?

What are some of the things James and his family like to do together?

What are the special things that you enjoy doing with your family?

What makes your family unique and special and different to some other families?

Years 5 and 6 learnt about:

• Different phrases and terms to describe who people are, who they love and their legal rights

• Different families and how they are characterised by love and need to be treated with respect

• How the words we use can hurt people and disrespect those who are different or have a different family?

• How we can stand up for people who are different?

We watched an award-winning short film called In a Heartbeat.

What is the main message of this film?

Can two men get married? Can two women get married?

Sometimes people can bully, or say mean things, to people because of who is in their family.

How could this make someone feel? How do you react to people that show people a lack of respect?