Listen, Think, Learn & Enjoy . . .


Spring 2 starts with a scientific experiment. Using our previous science knowledge about environments, our understanding of the food chain and habitats. The experiment was to see if our artificial habitats encouraged bugs/insects to use them. The children had to have a hypothesis and understand the reason of using a control pot.

What was your hypothesis?

Why did we need a control pot?

What is a habitat?

The first discussion centred round their knowledge of the bugs and insects.

Which bug did you choose to make a habitat for?

What considerations did you need to think about?

Once they had identified all the needs required for their experiment the children planned their habitat. This included a map of the outside area to plot where they thought the pot would be best placed.

Give at least 3 things you needed to consider?

The children then went outside and placed their pots ready to check them in 2 weeks’ time when they will evaluate their findings.