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Health & Hygiene

Healthy food choices and hygiene

This week we are covering what is meant by a healthy lifestyle, how to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. How to make informed choices about health and wellbeing by being able to recognise sources of help. Identify different influences on health and wellbeing.

There were 4 activities for the children to take part in that gave them the opportunity to discuss their choices regarding a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Activity 1: In small groups the children discussed what they considered healthy/ unhealthy. Key stage 1 used pictures to order from healthiest to unhealthiest and key stage 2 wrote theirs down.

Can you give at least 2 benefits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle?

How do you think you could improve your lifestyle?

What changes might you make?

Activity 2: The school kitchen supplied food for the children to taste. After trying a spoonful, they filled in a questionnaire.

What food do you like/dislike?

Would you now try something different?

Activity 3: This activity tested the children’s understanding of sugars and fats. They had containers with various quantities of sugars and fats in them, and a selection of food and drinks. The children had to match the containers with the food/drink.

Which match were you most surprised about?

Has this activity made you think about what is in food/drink before you try it?

Activity 4: Hygiene is another area that benefits a healthy lifestyle. Using an ultra violet light and special glow gel the children discovered the importance of washing their hands thoroughly. The gel represented germs/bacteria. They done a before (gel) and after (soap and water).

How well did you wash your hands?

Why is good hygiene so important?

Which area of your hands was difficult to clean properly?

Activity 5: The children discussed exercise. Key stage 1 practised taking their pulse. They checked their pulse before going outside to exercise and recorded it, they came in and took a second reading.

What activity did you choose?

How did you feel afterwards?

Key stage 2 were practising taking their pulse. They took a reading in a sit-down position first. Then they chose an activity that would elevate their heart rate. After 10 minutes of doing the activity they read their heart rate again.

What activity did you choose?

Why is exercise beneficial?

The conclusion to a healthy lifestyle, going by the children’s discussions, is everything is ok as long as it is done in moderation.