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Health & Well Being

This session the children are exploring health and well-being. The objectives were, to realise there are different things they can do to manage feelings, to recognise that anyone can experience mental ill health, difficulties can be resolved with help and support and it is important to discuss feelings with a trusted adult.

The activities were:

YOGA: this activity showed the children how yoga can help to include physical activity every day. We also had a go at meditating and relaxing.

Can you remember any yoga names?

Which one was your favourite?

Can you demonstrate it to someone else?

TUG OF WAR: the children showed true resilience and focus with this activity. They followed all the safety rules and used a full-size tug of war rope. They also showed true determination in trying to beat the other team, although we may need a few more lessons in how to lose gracefully!!!

What muscles did you use?

Which part of your body ached the most?

CAPTURE THE FLAG: in teams the objective was to capture the opposing teams’ flag as well as defending their own. this involved a lot of running around a large area and helped give a better insight to what physical fitness entails.

How was your heart rate?

What did you do to replace lost fluid through sweating?

TAG: this involved running in a smaller space while chasing or running away from someone else.

What difference did you notice between running in a large area and running in a smaller space?

Which did you prefer and why?

CHALLENGES: this was a timed activity. The children had press ups, step ups and bicep dips and fast bounce to do. A partner counted while an adult timed them.

What challenge did you enjoy the most?

Which challenge did you do the best at?

What was your favourite activity overall?

Hopefully you may try one or more of these activities at home.