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Health & Wellbeing

Key stage 1 have been looking at personal hygiene. There were 4 activities for the children to participate in.

Activity 1: watching a video about two doctors explaining about our digestive system and what happens when we get diarrhoea.

What could cause diarrhoea?

How can this be avoided?

Activity 2: discussing the importance of brushing their teeth. The children designed their own toothbrush, adding features they considered would be beneficial to their tooth brushing regime.

Can you describe your special feature and its use?

Activity 3: the visual interpretation of germs on their hands. Using a special liquid rubbed onto their hands that shows up under a uv lamp, the children were able to see what germs would look like for themselves. They washed their hands and went back to the lamp to check if they had done a good job.

How well did you wash your hands?

Can you give 5 rules for washing your hands thoroughly?

Activity 4: washing your whole body. Having a bath or a shower are the two main ways of washing your whole body. The children discussed whether they preferred a bath or a shower. They then designed their own.

Which do you prefer?

What did your design entail?