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Healthy Choices

Pupils have been shown how to forage, grow vegetables, prepare vegetables and eventually cook a tasty dish with all the vegetables. Now is the time to taste test the soup that had been made and frozen back in the Autumn term. There was a bit of trepidation from some children, but after seeing the positive reaction of their peers they tried it as well.

Did you like it?

Could you taste any particular veg?

Do you think it tastes better because you have grown the ingredients yourself?

After discussing whether they thought the veg would grow  and what their expectations were regarding the veg beds, the children wrote down what they would like to grow next and made a pledge on how they are going to help with the vegetable beds this year.

As well as healthy choices with our food the children went outside to experience healthy options for exercise. The children shared their knowledge on why the outdoors is healthy for us. Fresh air, oxygen, vitamin D and warmth from the sun were the main topics of conversation.

To start our experience we first played a game of hide and seek tag.

What parts of the body were we using?

How did the game affect our inner body?

What emotions did you feel?

This was followed by a duelling match using foam noodles as swords. We started in pairs then progressed to a full on battle.

Can you explain why this activity was different to the first game as far as our bodies are concerned?

Which game did you prefer and why?

Do you know how much sugar and fats are in our food and drinks?

To gain a better understanding and to address any misconceptions about this question the children were given tasks to help them make healthier choices.

Task 1: to match containers with a selection of sugar and fats in to a selection of food and drink.

Did anything surprise you about the results?

Task 2: make a grid explaining what you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Can you recall 3 things that you put in your grid?

Task 3: taste a variety of favourite foods and healthier options.

Was there any taste difference?

Task 4: go outside to play then come back into class to discuss how you feel.

How did you feel after playing?

Can you explain to someone how this relates to hygiene?