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History Part 1

This term we will be looking into our local history. This will be covered over a 3-week block.

Yr1/2: this week the children started their enquiry about the school. They were given 2 photographs of the school at different stages of the time line and were asked to spot the differences.

Can you give 2 things that you spotted that were different?

Which photo did you think was the oldest?

Why did you think it was the oldest photo?

The next task was to put some photographs of the school in order, from what they considered the oldest to the newest. Each group discussed the order and the reasons for that order.

What did you find out from the photos?

Taking their spot the difference sheets with them, the children walked around and looked at areas of the school, then compared them to the photos.

What surprised you the most when seeing how the school used to look?

Yr3/4: their enquiry is about Staunton Country Park. Their first task was to discuss and record what they thought the logo for Staunton represented.

What was on the logo?

How did you see that representation?

The second task was to put pictures of historic events in order of the oldest to the most modern.

What knowledge did you use to help you do this?

This was followed with another timeline task, but this one was sentences about the history of Staunton.

Can you give at least 2 family names that owned Staunton house at some point?

How can some names be remembered?

Have you ever been to the side where the lake is?

What is there?

Our last activity was to go around the estate looking for clues that may help us to identify where changes in time could be seen.

What link to Staunton did we find?

Yr5/6: are researching into the history of Havant. There were 2 timeline sorting activities. One was historic events in history the other was a timeline of Havant.

What industries did Havant have?

What did this mean for the town?

In groups the children were given an industry to research and then be able to share this information with the rest of the class.

Can you name the 6 industries?

What industry did you research?

Give at least 1 fact from the industries you did not research yourself?