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History Part 2

This is the second session of history covering local studies.

Yr1/2: reinforced their understanding of how history is about time and how to spot differences between now and then. Using the photographs from last week we went around the school so the children could visually see the differences. When we got back to class they had an adult who had, not only been a pupil at the school back in the 60’s, but was now working there, to ask questions to as a person to person fact finder.

Who was the adult?

How many ways can you think of to research history?

What did you think was the most fascinating fact?

What differences did you spot?

Yr3/4: using their skills from last week to research history, the children were given individual areas of Staunton Country Park to research. They looked into what they would like to go and see and find out more about when they go to visit next week. The 3 areas they researched were George Staunton, activities and entertainment and how the park has changed.

What area did you research?

Where would you like to go and find more information at the park?

Can you give 2 facts that you have learnt while doing your research?

Yr5/6: are researching the history of Havant. The 4 topics they are researching are transport, trades and industry, The Spring and famous local people. Next week, using their information they are going to the areas they want to find out more about.

What topic did you research?

Where would you like to visit?

Why do you want to visit there?

What are you hoping to find out?