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History Part 3

This session will give the children a sense of living history.

Yr1/2: the tables in the classroom were put in rows and the children were given a reminder of the behaviour expected, back in the 60’s. Artefacts and photographs were passed around and the children were able to explore them and ask questions. The children had an English lesson first followed by a math lesson. Finally, they went outside for a taste of a P.E. lesson.

What was your favourite artefact?

Name 2 types of equipment used for counting?

Which era do you prefer, then or now?


Is there something in the 60’s classroom you would like to have in your classroom now?

Yr3/4: walked to Staunton Country Park. There were 6 activities for them to participate in.

Which part of the gardens were the activities held in?

What were the 6 activities?

Can you explain each activity?

How do you know where the house used to be?

How many follies did you find?

Give at least 3 facts you have learnt from this history trip.

Yr5/6: travelled in the mini bus to Havant. Their first stop was the Springs museum where there were hands on activities and artefacts to look at.

Why is the museum called the Springs?

What did you find the most interesting there?

We then followed the Heritage Trail looking for information and proof that had been researched in the last few sessions.

What are the blue plaques for?

Where was the natural spring?

Why was it so important to Havant?

Why is the Hayling Billy Line so called?

Give 5 pieces of information about Havant.