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Internet Safety

This week COSMICĀ  phse was covering safety on the internet.

Years 1 & 2 discussed different scenarios with Smartie the Penguin, who had received a tablet as a birthday present. The children loved Smartie and were really engaged, they responded with excellent solutions to being safe when using the internet at home.

Can you give 3 ways of keeping safe while using the internet?

Year 3 were looking at secure passwords when using the internet. The children were great at identifying passwords that were not very secure. They created their own password with some very secure and interesting results.

When is a password not secure?

Who should you tell your password to?

Year 4 the children were looking at profiles when filling out forms. They identified which information is safe to share online and which should be kept private.

Which information should you keep private?

Were you surprised by this?

Years 5 & 6 took part in a short quiz to evaluate both their knowledge and understanding of using the internet and social media sites. This provoked an excellent opportunity for a mini p4c session. The children shared their thoughts and solutions to being safe on the internet.

How do you keep safe while using the internet and social media sites?