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RSE Pt2 & Longitudinal Study

Each year group will recap and reinforce their understanding of what was taught in the rse session, part 1. This session also allowed time to address any questions or concerns that had been put in the cosmic post box.

Year 1/2: Watched the pants video first. They then helped Miss Tester to label the body parts of both a girl and a boy. Finally, to finish the rse session the children coloured in swimming costumes or trunks for the Warren Park monkeys to wear.

The longitudinal study involved looking for bugs. They had to consider how the weather might affect what they find.

Why would the weather affect what you find?

What did you find?

Did you see a bug you did not expect to see?

Were there any bugs you thought you might see but didn’t?

Year 2: the rse session was the same as yr.1.

The longitudinal study covered the bird spotting for this term.

What birds were there around the grounds?

Do you think the weather affected the quantity of birds you saw?

Which bird was spotted the most?

Year 3/4: used red or green cards to give yes or no answers to a questionnaire, this helps to gauge their understanding of the rse information. They also used a questionnaire to give an opinion on who should be taught specific information, boys, girls or both.

Year3 are collecting data on food that is available for birds this term.

What variety of food is there for the birds?

Why do you think there is this variety?

Can you give 3 different examples?

Year 4 longitudinal study is to see what shelters are available in the oc grounds for the animals.

What difference is there from previous data?

Why do you think this is?

Year 5/6: used the red and green cards to answer yes/no questions, also filled in a questionnaire.

Year 5: Their longitudinal study gave them the opportunity to see the changes since last term, they looked for nutritional food that is available now in the outside classroom.

Can you give 5 different foods?

What do you think eat these foods?

Can you describe the changes and the difference they make?

Year 6 are recording how they have changed themselves this term.

Has your data changed since last term?

Can you explain the reason for this?

What prediction could you make before you go to year 7 about the changes you may experience?