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Mechanics and Structures 2

Our D.T this term includes the children using skills already taught and requires skills they will learn.

Yrs1&2: were asked to design a movable toy. They needed to draw their design first. There was a selection of resources to choose from. The criteria were 3 or 4 wheels and they must rotate to move.

What toy did you choose to make?

What materials did you use?

Did you have wheels that moved?

The next session will involve assessing their toy and then make any improvements/changes.


Yrs3&4: the children looked at bee houses. They were to design and build one themselves. They could choose any shape. Although they drew 2D design they were going to build in 3D.

The first stage of building was to measure, mark and cut the wood into the pieces they needed.

What shape did you use?

Can you explain how you worked out and measured your wood?

How did you feel using a saw?

After sawing all their pieces out, the children used masking tape to join the shape before using measured blocks to secure their bee house. The blocks were attached using glue from a glue gun.

What new skill did you learn?

How did you fell using the glue gun?

Yrs5/6: using flower pots the children are going to make fairy pots.  The criteria for this are…

Must be 2 layers.

Have 2 methods to connect the layers.

Pots must be incorporated in design, not just one pot on top of another.

Need at least 1 standing structure.

Year 5 started to construct the complete design, whereas yr6 concentrated on one aspect which was building the access to the second layer.

The children worked in pairs and shared their ideas to make 1 pot between them.

What resources did you use?

Did you manage to incorporate your pots?

What have you built to access the second layer?

What did you find the most difficult?

Next week the children will assess their pots and make any relevant adjustments.